UT2007 (screens)


[font=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif][size=2]Unreal Tournament 2007 will have approximately 40 unique levels covering a diverse set of environments, along with 45 fully playable characters. The game will also include seven major game types in total, 18 vehicles and 14 handheld weapons.



and a new High end pc to match :smiley:

looking foward to this baby :slight_smile:


Wow! Well…we certainly have come a long way in terms of FPS’ graphics in the last ten or so years:

I’m looking forward to UT2007 and the mods it’ll bring.


or a P$3 or XbO 360


Err is it just me or are a few of those shots disapointing. Seemed like the went a little to far with the normal maps, and not far enough with real geometry.


Even with some Edges i really like it… not the game, the Engine.

I mean take away all the art stuff Epic made and then think of it how it would look if a game like SystemShock3, BioForge2, Thief4 or some cool RPGn uses this Engine!!!

I just hope they still can make huge levels. I hate it when you can walk throug a level too fast and then have to wait for the next level to load. I remember that i really was dissapointet how short the levels of Thief3 where.

Maybe i buy the Epic-Engine-Demo-Prog. (mostly because of the MOD Tools) or maybe i wait some months and buy the games that are based on the engine. And if you wait even longer you can directly buy UT2008…


M M M M Monster Killll!!


Err is it just me or are a few of those shots disapointing. Seemed like the went a little to far with the normal maps, and not far enough with real geometry.

its just you :eek:

I think its looking pretty damn good…most gamers only turn down all the details anyway…and I think detail levels should be locked for multiplayer gaming anyway. And if they replaced the models with the real highpoly geometry used to develop the normal maps I don’t think anyone would be getting a good fps rate when its released.


Yeah, but I was thinking about how the new Unreal engine looked on “ice”. The melted down real world application is not that impressive here. I was hoping for more. I could see this getting old after a while especially if the gameplay is not really that hot.


I agree with Lorecanth. Perhaps these are just technical demos to show what is possible but the overall look is spastic. It reminds me of a kid using every color in his crayon box just because he can.

-mental :surprised


That kind of thing is an Epic trademark. Remember the coloured lighting in the original Unreal?


agreed. I don’t like it at all. too colorfull, and ridiculos level/weapons/characters design. My pal at work (former hardcore UT/UT2k3/Tribes online player), when he saw these screens he just laughed.

Sigh for Thief 4 on U3


UT’s always been over the top. The ‘MULTIKILL’ feel fits great in the art, I think.


most UT’s and Doom’s end up being an engine sales pitch for the most part…it is the third part ydevs that do truly interesting and inspiring work with those engines…

or at least that is my educated opinion…and does not make light of the hard work the teams put in to producing the work.


look consistent with the ones that came out in may. not much new.
fx looks brilliant, as does much else.

I’d like to see some realtime screenshots.


How well do these pitches work when the exuberant licensing costs ($1 Million + % royalties) basically limit them to large-scale developers who are the worst at making good games. How many games have been released based on the Doom3 engine? The Source engine?


i would like to see it move in realtime…and compare it to what i saw ages ago…

more often than not, grpahics get upped but aniamtion never follows suit…bad animation totally defeats the purpose of raising the graphics bar…look at Gears of War and that atrocious “dive roll” tey had that did not mesh well with the rest of the aniamtions adn for me at least totally pulled me out of the experience…I do have faith that Gears of War is getting properly tuned and am extremely eager to play it!


On the other side of the moon, exuberant modders get fantastic experience working on an engine that the big boys have to pay for… and get it for free. They’re a middleware company, I hardly consider those costs extravagant compared to the money and talent even the big boys would need to pour into reaching a similarly functional engine. You almost contradict yourself, Unreal is being used by everyone and their mother and is also more expensive than Source and Doom3 afaik.


I doubt this will stay true for long. They don’t have to make most of their money from a game or two anymore. Hopefully I’m wrong.


I wanna see the end of visible polys on profiles, I wanna see motion blur, and I don’t want to see any aliasing. Is that so much to ask :slight_smile: