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Hi this is the first time i post in this section of cgtalk…(i think) Im studying game arts and design, games are my passion. I started learning the art side of games, Im modeling, rigging, and animating, also my drawing skills are improving, but theres also a part of me that loves math and programming, I guess I like challenges in general. So Im planning into stepping further into the world of game development, some friends and I, are forming a game club at school, we want to start messing up, with editors and engines, so my questions are:

We have at school the unreal editor (from the 2004 version) installed in lots of computers, so I wanted to know, what exactly is it possible with this level editor? Ive seen that it has an interface similar to 3dS’max. I want to know, can you import models made in other 3d apps (that are supported) into the editor? does unreal 2004 comes with a rig to use for your models? are you supposed to build the whole level in the editor? or you can also import it from other app? Can you make changes to gameplay from the editor? in general I would like to know what is this editor capable of, and if there more free tools like this for unreal 2004.

Now to the engines:

I was doing some research and became really interested in the torque engine, It has a lot of features is seems, and its price is incredible, what I want to know, is, If I dont want to go for graphics programming, and just concentrate on gameplay, can I do this? am I capable of changing gameplay with torque engine, knowing the correct programing stuff?..mmm its hard to explain, but lets say I have lots of game characters, fully textured, rigged, and I have all their sets of animations. I have all the buildings and stuff for my game, so is it relatively easy to get them inside torque in realtime? Is it easy to get your character running on the screen? and then define a camara that will follow him…I guess its more complicated, but at least I will appreciatte reference to the right resources, I think the garage games website is a little confusing for newbies. Is there a book for torque engine?

Now, I heard theres an educational version of the unreal engine, is that true? is it a complete version with profitability restriction? or just a demo? I downloaded some months ago a runtime demo from the webiste…but I didnt understand if it was just a tech demo, or what…

Anyway I will appreciatte any kind of help, for me what costs me the most in learning anything, is getting started, once I have understanded how things work and what does what, is easier to move forward.

thanks in advanced


about unreal, the editor is primarily meant for level design but can do other things too
you could code in it if you want and so alter the core gameplay of the game yes (like changing running speed or a new gun), but even while it has a build in script editor and the like most coders preffer just notepad or specialized custom made tools like wotgreal

you can import static models too as long as they are lwo or ase, so max and lightwave are supported by default and for maya you can get the official unreal plugin for it to export ase there as well
the models can be both static as animated, support smoothing groups, multiple uv sets, vertex colors etc.
as for rigging, you have a couple of rigs from the excisting models i believe you can use for your new models or make a new one yourself, afaik, rigging is not my thing :slight_smile:
and yes you make the entire level in it, but you can do a lot of pre work in max or another program already, you could theorectically build it almost entirely in max but believe me, its better to learn ued and use that a lot then to try and bypass it, it will make it harder for you later on
Most people usualy start in max or maya with making lots of seperate objects and elements, like a piece of a wall, a pillar, etc and then fit all the elements together in UED, so kinda like lego + combining it with UED made bsp
tho sometimes they also make all models in max or lightwave right away and export pretty much everything, lightmaps included, look to ctf-magma

theres a thirth party max plugin (forgot name) that gives max the ability to place unreal actors and playerstarts and the like, so if you really really want you could make it all in max, but again, i wouldnt do so

the runtime you downloaded was the free version, the educational version if you want to call it like that
you can do anything with it as long as you dont sell it i believe
its the basic 2.0 engine, same one ut2004 uses but doesnt has all the content ut2 has, such as textures, sounds etc
which is normal because those belong to the game and not the engine


A few thing about unreal:
Unreal engine Runtime is the “Naked” engine of UT2003 & 2004. It is the engine itself, without the content. You can do just about anithing with it, if you know some programming. the UnrealScripts has a lots of similarities with the Java language. Read the EULA of the engine, if you plan to sell your game.
I know just about nothing about Torque…


thanks for the replies, for now I was just looking a way to get my models and stuff in realtime, just maybe do some animations realtime or something, so im looking for the best option. THis saturday i might get together with my friends and use the unreal editor to see what you can do with it. thanks


Yes there is a book for the Torque Engine it’s called 3D programming all in one by Kenneth Finney, it’s the greatest step by step guide of creating 3D games period, it’s very easy to use and it comes with a demo of the engine to complete the tutorials, the author also worked on the book called Game Programming all in one, which covers programming in Windows and programming with Direct X tutorials, based on building a engine on your own to completing your first game, I bought both because the 3D programming all in one refers to Game Programming all in one for a basis, and even if you don’t have that book it still keeps it you up to date, there has been some nice games created with the Torque engine that you would believe that it belonged on the game cube, but they just annouced that some of the games created on the engine will be feature on the Xbox and that’s a huge step, the book covers everything and it’s based on the engine, I highly recommend the book because it has a Demo of the engine, some 3D modeling programs, a audio editor and more plus games that where created with the engine, plus some really dope tutorials, they also has exporter plugins for other modeling programs like Maya and Max and others also a cheap price for the full version, a $100 bucks and you can’t beat that, and they have a online source code accessible for different things you may be looking for, for your game, the goes over creation of first person shooters, to exterior enviroment with vehicles and characters all tutorial access, I’m a rookie too, but this was the most information I got for creating games for a beginner, and my friends think I’m crazy because I flow threw it all, yes the unreal engine is dope and I like it alot but I cannot afford it, I not a promoter or retail person for Torque but, it’s the next up and coming thing, and it’s best to get now before it becomes expensive, already Xbox and Sony have been looking at there direction to see what’s coming out, so I would give it a shot, and there’s tons of resource information, maybe I can explain later how to navigate threw the website, I’m also trying to get the feel of best of both worlds, the unreal engine and torque engine, unreal engine is very unique and I can burn up pages attempting to explain to you what it can and can not do, for the time being, Torque is for PC games development, and if I’m right, unreal can do both Platform and PC Games, Good Luck


HEY thanks THE ROOKIE that was a great response really, I also think torque is the next big thing, its gonna become more and more popular and maybe one day it will become mainstream, im looking into buying the engine and the shader stuff, just to see what I can do thanks again


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