UT Character (In Porgress)


Well… no textures… and no feet; for now. Created in Maya, for Unreal 2k3 engine… The polycount should be close to 2000 when I finish with the inside of the mouth and a little more detail. Current count is 1460, with most of the detail in the face. He should be completed by tomorrow.

He’s and original character of mine that I sketched the other night… I’ll post the concept drawing tomorrow… but like any bipedal alien I’m sure it looks like and alien from somewhere else.



whoa thats sweet

ya know though, i think you could afford to ax some polygons on the head and put them more into limb detail. specifically, the arms.

i think the chest/torso portion ends too abruptly, maybe you could put some cool type thingies on its arms and such. Id keep the details surreal, and not of any armor class… cuase that’d kill the model.

im thining some type of wrappings or other fluid objects would rock.

i really like this model. i dont think you should add detail in the mouth or face anymore, concentrate your remaining polygons into really making it an original character more so than just putting detail on the flesh… put detail in the sillouette :slight_smile:


Wow… time flies when you are working for someone else… I had a moment of free time so I tweaked the outfit a bit.



hmm… remove the glossy look on the clothers. doesnt look good imo. id like to see this model with texture.


Hi Omita, could you share how you plan to animate his robe?



looks good.
one thing i would do tho is to add more poly’s to the shin guards.
they look too low poly in contrast to the rest of the model…
i just think that they are letting it down abit.


sort of reminds me of the cloners in star wars. hehe not sure why tho? i think it could be his robe.


Originally posted by Snowfly
Hi Omita, could you share how you plan to animate his robe?

Well… haven’t gotten that far… most likely using a softbody objects and then cluster low poly verts to the softbody.

Then tweak it for the cycles.



Thanks Omita, I had no idea you could do that in UT2K3. In any case, the design looks great. as close to authentic star wars as i’ve ever seen. i’m keeping my eyes on this one


Well… I wasn’t influenced by anything when I drew the original sketch… but after a life time of watching Star Wars, Trek, Babylon 5, MST3k, tons of Anime, fantasy art, action figures, and throw in a couple of good and bad trips… I am sure that something in there is from various places.

I don’t know if original ideas still exist.

Actually, I forgot, for the animation I will be using bones, but the bones will be clustered or controlled some how by the soft body.

Hopefully you won’t have to wait too long until my next update.



Looks really good.

A couple suggestions:

  • There’s no reason to model the nostrils. That can be done with the textures.
  • To animate the robe just skin it to the skeleton. I don’t see any reason to use anything fancy or complicated, especially if it’s going into UT. All the verts will have to be skinned to bones to export properly.


Yeah… but I really like the nostrals… and they aren’t expensive… so they are staying. :slight_smile:


Do you have enough loop edges in the robe for softbody?? I didnt realize you could import vertex animation as well as boned animation on a character… though it does raise the question: How will vertex animation do with the the (forgot term… the “inbetweens” the game does on the bones… like automatically combining your run pose with firing the gun)?

Can you place a few well placed custom bones instead that influence the robe (think modified ponytails)?


UT does not support character vertex animation. Check out this thread at buzz.com



I am just planning on using the UT engine. I don’t think I am going to bother making all the animations.

As far as the soft bodies go… If I was going to use them for the animation I would have to make add some bones to deform the rig.

Then I would take the biomes and have their position controlled but a separate soft body objects. If I was going to have a soft body control bones then it would take a while to making this rig. Personally, I plan on making a softbody object and just using it as animation reference. Then hand key the bone animation. Like I said before I still have a way to go before I can animate. Not to mention that I have a milestone this Wednesday so I can’t do much right now.

I am still remodeling the bottom of the robe and I plan on adding some more stuff. As well as upping the polygons a bit.



Looks cool, I especially like the hands. I think the feet however could use some work.

I’m starting my first lowpoly model and I was thinking of bringing it into UT2k3. Do you have to tesselate the geometry before bringing it into UT2k3? And is there a way to count tris in Maya without tesselating?


off to a good start it looks like :cool:



you can get the bonus game tools package thingy from alias wavefront website. lots of cool tools and also a tri counter.



looks pretty kewl, but there arent v many polys, the robe seems v unbalanced compared to other parts, UT 2 can handle a lot better, on mod im working on, the guns are closer to 2400 than the player models :stuck_out_tongue:


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