Using Vertex Map with layers in material's Alpha channel.


Greetings all,

Seems like a simple thing, but I can’t seem to get it to work. I’d like to replicate in my material’s Alpha channel what’s seen here in its Color channel:

If it’s less than obvious, I have a simple layered shader, where lower layer is a Vertex Map shader and upper layer is a Color shader. I’m simply fading the object to a single solid color by animating the color value of the upper layer. Blending mode of lower layer (Vertex map) is set to Normal while upper layer is set to Add.

What I’d like to do is transpose these values so that the material’s Alpha channel is effected the same way, so white is opaque and black transparent, but copying this layered shader yields only a solid color with no alpha; the pixel values driven by the Vertex Map are somehow not coming through (though the transparency is visible when I only use Vertex Map shader without layering it.) I tried a few different blend mode arrangements within the Layer shader but could not get the result I’m looking for.

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Really my needs only require that the transparency of the animated portion of the object in my little video be animatable.

I should mention I’m not stuck to a solution that’s strictly shader-bound, (if anyone has better suggestions using Effectors or Expresso, or whatever I’m open to trying these) though it seems like staying within shader’s Alpha parameters would be the most straight-forward approach.

Thanks ahead of time for any responses!


Image Alpha --------> Uncheck


Worked! Many thanks!