Using vector blueprints


Hello, CG Society!

I just got a vector blueprint of a car which I’d like to model (my first modeled car) but faced one issue - I don’t know how to effectively use that vector blueprint.

I’ve imported a Illustrator file to 3D Max everything looks fine but… How to setup these vector blueprints and are there any specific techniques on using them? Like, tips&tricks for it. Or it’s the same as image blueprint?

I’ve tried to use it in the old regular way: just move specific side to specific viewports and start modelling but there was another issue. As far as it’s vector, all vectors are visible. For example, if I set front blueprint in front viewport, I also see the back’s blueprints and everything is messed this way. So here another question: how to setup a vector blueprint in the way that I would see only front blueprint in front viewport and back’s blueprints on the back viewport?

Thank you in advance!


just rasterize the VECTOR file and use as modeling planes.

or import the vectors and use some of the main vectors to model out the object by utilizing the vectors as SPLINES. might get a bit confusing with all those vectors…but may help to use some to form out the model quickly (i.e. the general outermost shape of a vehicle or something)…versus laying downs points/splines down over top as usual.


When modeling from blueprints I always put them on a plane and set the plane to cull back-facing so that it doesn’t show the back, and then put the planes behind the mesh according to the view.


Thank you, I will try it.

Yes, that’s how we do with image blueprints but how to do it with vectors?


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