Using Transfer Attributes to copy adjustments to mirrored blend shapes?


Hi all,

I’m working on the face rig for a character in Maya 2019. Used Advanced Skeleton 5 to set it up and extracted all the blend shapes for adjustments, and now that I’ve tweaked the right side of all the blend shapes, I thought I could use Transfer Attributes - Vertex position to apply the same adjustments to the corresponding left sides.

It doesn’t seem to want to work out for me, and I’m at a loss for what else to try.

I’ve tried it directly with mirroring enabled, which does not mirror the pose no matter which combination of options I pick (it transfers just fine, but with the right-hand side deformed).

I’ve tried making a duplicate of the right side, mirroring that (and freezing the scale transform because otherwise the above thing happens), and then transferring vertex positions from the duplicate, which, regardless of the method of copying and mirroring I use, always flips the model (so that if I were to, say, move the slider for the left corner of the mouth, it would flip the entire head model inside out).

I would rather not use the other blendshape tools of Advanced Skeleton at this point because I’m afraid I’ll lose all the progress I’ve made on the right halves already. The only other thing I can think to do would be to manually snap every vertex to a mirrored copy, which can’t be the only option I have.

Maybe there’s a simple solution I’m overlooking. Can someone help?

(I took screenshots of all those issues, but it turns out as a new user I can only add one image per post, sorry :confused: )