Using Ease Curve to control animation timing


Does anyone know of a way to create an ease curve based on the velocity of an animated object? I’m trying to write a script controller on an ease curve that references the velocity of a dummy object, but nothing I’m doing is working.

The goal is to have a dummy drive the speed of an animation cycle, so that if the dummy motion speeds up or slows down to a stop, the animation would speed up or slow down to a stop as well.

I hope I’m making myself clear. Any help is greatly appreciated.


I’ve found a discussion here concerned with using a dummy object as a throttle control, which is pretty close to what I’m after.

Does anyone know of a way of creating an ease curve -like effect without using ease curves directly? As I try to write a script controller on one ease curve and I keep running into issues like if I instance my ease curve to each positionXYZ controller, then everything gets evaluated 3 times for each frame.

Argh! I wish I was better at maxscript then I am now.

Thanks in advance.


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