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Hiya, I hope you all are having a lovely day! its great to meet you all :blush:


Hello :)!


Hello everyone from Turkey!


I just happened upon this post of yours today but it is interesting how similar our stories are. I never did web graphic design but I am also a software developer and art has always been my backseat hobby.
Like you I dabble from time to time but as I’ve aged I have learned that when I create art, be it a map or any other kind of drawing or painting I find myself feeling a lot more relaxed.
The job can be super stressful and it does make painting all the more enticing. If only it paid the same it would be a no brainer. :slight_smile:
Someday I hope to be able to spend more time pursuing my own creativity but for now I’ll take what I can get.


Hey, aproximately the same story here, i’m a front end developer/ui-ux designer with a passion for art :smiley: Started my journey with maya following Gnomon’s Alex Alvarez videos and later one switched to 2d (Scott Robertson, James Gourney, Vilppu etc) I too have a fascination for concept art but i feel it’s rather tricky for me, my daily job implies more left brain activity and when i draw i fight myself at least an hour to get into the proper state…i hate my brain for doing that :)) but I will always keep drawing, it’s the only thing that gets me going :smiley: Maybe someday i will turn it into a daily job who knows. Thanks you guys for sharing your stories :slight_smile: