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Just wanted to say hello to everyone.


Hello hello!


Hi guys :slight_smile: can anyone access this lesson 1…or is it closed until the 5.nov?


Hello hello awesome people.
It’s my very first step on this forum, i haven’t been on forums for years haha.
@selena-protic, it will open the 5 nov :slight_smile:

I’m not so confident in my skills, but I want to give it a try !


Hi guys!, I glad to meet you, hope to learn a lot with you!


Hey everyone glad to have you all here.

If you just signed up we would lover your input here:

Welcome! What are some of the challenges you have with environment

The First video will be posted in the lecture one forum on Nov 5th so if you dont see it this is why:)



Hello, Mike from the Southwest.


Hello from NYC.


hi everyone


Hola, mi nombre es Juanu. Actualmente estoy trabajando como artista y programador en 3D. Rara vez tengo la oportunidad de trabajar en 2D, así que espero con interés la oportunidad de perfeccionar mis habilidades.


I just came across this course. This is going to be really interesting. I cant wait to get started.
I currently going to school for graphic design and animation . This course is going greatly improve my skillls and knowledge,


Hey everyone! My first forum! Also, anyone else 19 here?




Hey I’m also 19! Ready to learn!


Hi everyone


Greetings from Chile. :sonreír:


Hi everyone! Glad to be here with you.


Hello from North California


Hello everybody, have a nice journey!!!


Hi everyone! :slight_smile:
I am just curious, are many other people working full time?
How many hours a day do you plan to dedicate towards the course?
Personally, I hope to dedicate at least ~2 hours a day towards it, and then more on weekends if possible. :crossed_fingers: