Using Cache to create Secondary FX


I just did a complex/slow sim with a lot of fragments and now i want to add small debris to it.

Is there a way to cache the sim without the debris and add it later? I would generate it with a spawn when the frags enter an especific event but this way i have to keep simulating everything again and again just to adjust the spawn/bouncing/speed/spin properly. It’s very time consuming.

I tried to bake the particles and add the debris to this baked meshes but, this way, i cant get the meshes speed to throw the debris in the same direction.

Maybe i could do something with the cache selective?



What if you add the debris geo using Frost? You will lose the accuracy of the debris though.


Ah, it’s an old project. What i did was bake the fragments and then add the debris using another system. It worked just fine but if, for some reason, i need to re-sim the 1st baked fragments, i’ll have a lot of work.

Thx Zoubein :beer: