Using built-in icons on toolbar for macroscripts causes missing script on startup?


I finally figured out way to use the builtin max icons for my scripts, but I ran into a strange error.
As an example, this script will have the undo icon preset when I drag it on a toolbar.

macroScript UndoTest
icon: (":/MainUI/Undo_24.png")
messagebox “Click me!”

If I open max, and run (=install) the script, it works, and can be added to toolbar with the Undo icon visible.

However if I restart max, the script is considered “Missing”, and it is inactive. The script is not even listed in the Customize User Interface panel.

My presumption is, that the default icon pack is loaded (or extracted) after the macroscripts are initialized, hence the script cannot find the icon, and it fails to load.

Does anyone have any idea how to overcome this?

(Using the old kind of icons with icon:#(“Standard_Modifiers”, 42) works properly. But I want to use the new and shiny builtin icons for my scripts.)


Found the solution. Apparently reaching the icons like this works on startup as well.

iconname: “MainUI/Undo”