Using and object to mask another (not boolean)


Hi, a tricky one. I would like to know about compositing inside C4D. Is there a way to use an object or a layer and use it as mask to reveal what is inside another layer or Group?

I know I can do that in post but it will delay the visual feedback quite a lot.

I’m checking now and so far I dont see how I could manage that.



I just today used the Compositing tag to use an object as a matte to hide a portion of a visible model. As far as using it to reveal something, the black matte color square is animatable, so since it acts as a cut out when it’s set to black, I would think you can animate the black color square to white and it should reveal something. I haven’t tried, but maybe it will work?



I should note that this is a render solution, not a real-time solution. If you are looking for realtime feedback, I’m not sure of a solution to that.



Hey gdogfunk, thanks for answering! Actually, it’s the exact opposite I was thinking about… Only the inside of the object would be revealed, while the outside is full black.


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