Using a trackball


Due to rsi I have started to use a trackball (Keningston Expert Mouse Trackball). Because of the rsi in my fingers I am unable to use the buttons of the mouse, so I have to remap lots of button shortcuts. I’d like to rotate the view by pressing the Alt of the keyboard and then rotate the view by rolling the trackball. I’ve been looking under the mouse and keyboard buttons tab, but I am unable to find it. Am I overlooking it or is it impossible to remap it that way?


That sounds like it would basically be “hold alt and move the mouse around to rotate the view”. The mouse settings can only be configured per-button plus modifier key so that won’t work.

Can the trackball be depressed as if it were a button and rolled? If so, you might be able to map that to a mouse button.

Also, there may be some 3rd party tools like autohotkey or something that could remap your mouse buttons to the keyboard.


I have managed to change the mouse buttons with a 3rd part tool (autohotkey) and that worked splendidly!