Using a sphere as an HDRI?


Hi everyone, this is my first post…
thanks in advance!
So I’m using Octane and of course this is a dumb cuestion (I’m a noob after all).
What i want to know is how i can do the exact same thing this guy right here does in Blender:

My sphere keeps casting shadows inside of it… I would like to use the HDRI as the light source as shown in the vid.
Is there any possibility to replicate this on C4D?


Can’t help you with octane, but as a starter read the help of C4d’s compositing tag … it has a option to catch shadows on hdris with floors.

Dont’t forget to add GI for c4d native renderer.

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Many do not know this but google can be helpful here, just typing in something like, “octane disable casting shadows” and stuff appears like this for example from c4dcafe: The C4D compositing tag does not work if you’re using Octane. It’s only used for the C4D standard and physical.
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To disable shadows on objects in Octane you have to add an Octane ObjectTag (C4doctane Tags -> Octane ObjectTag) to every object you want to disable the shadows for (or the parent object) and untick “Shadow visibility” in the “Visibility” category.

No idea if that works but its a start.