Using a color Checker in renders to linerize in post


Hi I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on this. Professional photographers will usually use a color checkerboard to make the post-production stage a little easier. I was wondering how as 3d Artists we can use the same process. You can easily get hold of digital Colour checkers off google, but it seems if you render this in one of your shots to use with a color calibration plugin such as Xrite, they only seem to accept digital negative file formats or .dng. As render engines do not support this and conversion is difficult is there a software or plugin which could take care of this process?

I assume you would have to render out 32bit linear and then create a lut file from the Color checker calibration plugin to linearize the image. I have yet to find a software which can do this…


It’s often done in Nuke after the fact with some combinatin of mmcolorTarget ( and a C44 matrix node… I honestly haven’t done it in years so can’t remember all of the ins and outs - but do some googling of those things and you’ll find out more.


Thankyou thats some great info, will take a look into this when I get some free time and post up the results.