User Data Questions


Two Questions about User Data:

  1. Is it possible to rearrange the order of the controls?
  2. Is there a way to move user data controls from one object to another?

  1. only if it’s on an expresso tag (you can add in inputs on the left hand ide of the xpresso layout, cos it’s really like one big xpresso group, then rearrange them like you rearrange any other ports).

  2. again only if it’s on an xpresso tag itself. which is why most people make their xpresso stuff on a null object, then use relative referencing so that they can put that null in any scene and the references change automatically (or they can change the renferences by hand, or use links).


Thanks… It seems that I have an irrational fear of the expresso editor. I was just using the set driver-set driven way of creating the tags. Guess its time actually learn how to use expresso a little bit.

Thanks again.


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