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I have started this which is to be used for zbrush videos, tutorials, books, DVDs, etc. I hope it can be usefull.


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i add some link


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I need Alpha and Textures resource.

#65 Materials and Alphas

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Could you introduce others about Materials and Alphas、texture website?


What site would be good for me? I’ve just got Zbrush and have absolutely no clue how to use it.


Try Youtube, some people got quick and easy introductory Zbrush tutorials that can get you up to speed before diving into hard ones.


i should add

to the list. in their “MS - Maya ADP” - “Goblin Head ZBrush Videos” section, the instructor goes into immense intense detail modelling a goblin in photorealistic detail.

the character looks like a cross between “Goblin OktoberFest” and “Goblin Folsom Street Leather Fair”, but once you accept that, the instructor gets a little carried away and demonstrates a very effective Maya-ZBRush-UVLayout-Photoshop workflow.

he shows clearly how to take ZBrush generated detail back into Maya.

UVLayout is a program from these guys


Thanks!!It’s very good!!:cool:

goes over retopo and projection techniques in Z BRUSH 3.5
The video’s speaker talks in french; but there is enough going on onscreen that it’s totally worth a watch.
good vid


VIDEO TUTORIAL: Reconstruct models using ZBrush to be used in Hexagon
Ever wonder how to edit a high polygon model with lots of high detail in hexagon? This video will show you how to reconstruct your models using ZBrush to be used in Hexagon, all high Detail will be preserved.



Vimeo link is broken.

Any other good references for the transition to 3.5? The interface itself seems a bit counter-intuitive, even for basic functions like exporting a normal map.


hello there, i noticed a few people asking for alpha’s there’s some high res dino alpha’s on my site.

hope there usefull



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Sorry but that link wouldn’t come up for me - 404 error.

oops someone already pointed that out. my bad :slight_smile:


There is a new Sub Forum for Sculptris at the Zbrush Forum.


I found this link, and many useful tutorials are linked in it:


At the moment I am updating my z-link collection, migrated the old links together with all links that I collected the last years, into a modern, digg-like CMS. I´m going to redo the design while reviewing the links.

You can have a look already here:
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Beginners looking for hard edge tutorials, especially beginners, should check out BadKing He’s a top teachers and isn’t just demoing how smart he is with Zbrush. Check out his archives as there is some good stuff in there covering everything from ShadowBox masking to modelling a crazy looking gun.