Useful ZBrush Links


Hands! This one is freaking great for freaking hands!

Hand thread over at ZBrush Central

Now I gotta try that. Durrr.


:slight_smile: Thanks you guys. These links have been very helpful…

: spanish zbrush & lightwave magazine :
: revista de zbrush y lightwave en español :

zbrush spanish forum
: foros de zbrush en español :


We have three free video tutorials and one text tutorial from Glen Southern at KURV studios.

The free videos cover head modeling and more…

Let us know what you think!


Jejejeje Muchas gracias por el dato paisano :smiley:


I wrote this a while back…
I;m in the middel of writing a new one


Thanks for the usefull links.


We have a ton of free ZBrush tutorials over at KURV…


Hi all

Your can find all the good ZBrush resources at my Links Library, called ZBrush ZLand … :thumbsup:

Also my good friend Froyd has a similar site … quakenet/#zbrush :buttrock:

Upham :slight_smile:


Hey Upham, thanks for posting the link :slight_smile:

cheers my friend


Hi there - I just thought it’s worth adding my tutorials to this compilation, as I have had over 50,000 downloads - great feedback, and they are free :slight_smile:

They are here

enjoy !


I got dead link :frowning:


Sorry it appears that at the moment there are too many people accessing it! - I’m trying to resolve this - it’s a bandwidth problem with the host.

Try again later. Thanks for letting me know.


HI Guys Nice Link i m sharing this hope itsnt shared before

ANd I m Looking for Good Zsphere Head Modeling tutorial Either thats based on ZSCRIPT OR VDO TUT
html Tut will do too


Thanks for the great collection guys! :bowdown:

Just what my sore old brain needed


wow…they are very very good links …:slight_smile: , i really appreciate the KURV link…simply amazing section under there…thanks very very much


Hi folks :slight_smile:

if you need something for Zbrush, check this :slight_smile:


can anybodyknows where can i found place for download alpha skin ?


Thanks for that Kurv! I’ve learned a lot from your videos - ones of the best. :thumbsup:


Another great site with video tutorials for Zbrush 3.1

The link with the instructions to login