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I’m hosting some materials and alphas. Alphas mostly by polaris, others credited by name where I could find that info.



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i don’t know whether anyone has mentioned it before but there are a few free zbrush video tutorials at


i was posted here, but dont think its in the links page

22 minute review, very informative. (have to logged it : free reg. though)


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not sure do you have this in the list?, lightwave/zbrush tut by steve warner


Didn’t have that one up there, updated again, keep em comin!


cool tut that…i found it useful even to see the zb process parts as i’m working in cinema 4d…so thankie u.:thumbsup:


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Maybe this can help some beginners :slight_smile:


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Couldn’t we make this thread (or something like it Sticky?). I’ve been finding this thread pretty handy, and each week I’ve been swimming deeper and deeper looking for it, eventually it’s going to sink to the bottom of the ocean.


Getting this to be a sticky topic would be great hint hint =)


The tutorials in the Practical Manual aren’t specific enough. One tutorial says “save your grayscale displacement maps as 16 bit iff files;” another says Maya can’t read grayscale files. So far these contradictions and apparent misinformation have wasted a lot of hours on my end.

I’ve seen many great examples of ZBrush work made in ZBrush, but not so much that has been rendered in another app like Maya. There has got to be a way to do it. If anyone has developed a workflow that actually works, please post it.



wow how cool my website is part of the sticky thread.!!!
hope you guys like the tool.


This may or may not be useful, but it’s become one of the things I use Zbrush for - fixing texture errors across UV seams

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thank , I need this very much !


this is good links!

I need help when I study ZBtusher now !