USD in 3ds Max 2022 now Available


The 3ds Max team has released a new open beta of our USD plugin for 3ds Max 2022. This initial release provides basic USD import/export capability.

We are still actively developing the plugin but chose to release this public beta to get more feedback. We look forward to hearing from you all on this.

For the scripters and TDs, here are the scripting docs for the USD plugin.


I’m sure the ability to import and export United States Dollars quickly and efficiently is very important, especially for Autodesk, because after all, time is money, but what does it really mean? Does this replace Alembic? Or Autodesk FBX? If it only works with Autodesk products (proprietary), then that is a problem.

Edit: USD in this instance stands for: “Universal Scene Description” and isn’t limited to Autodesk products.


I hadn’t seen your reply. Yes, the USD here refers to Pixar’s Open Source Universal Scene Description that is rapidly becoming a focus across the 3D landscape. We are actively working on building USD pipelines and tools in 3ds Max.