USD and materialX


cause we dont use USD files…
and USD feels very renderman centric… :wink:

and i assume maya will support matX native…


Okay so we have four or six new “standards” that are all basically competing, attempting to unify shading across platforms - by doing the exact opposite.

Yeah, this stuff is just silly.


i see only two and they try to solve two diffrent things in the shading…

USDshade is the build in solution and does move shading around in USD renderman land…
USDshade does fit the needs for pixar…

and materialX is is a shading creation and managing platform… wich does not need USD… but can replace USDshade if you wish…
mX does fit the needs for ilm…

both are created by the mothership disney…


New 1.36 specs are now online…


Good overview video from Animal Logic about there USD workflow.



an other video from Animal Logic.



if someone is at Siggraph there will be a talk about matX…

[quote=]As mentioned before, we will be holding a MaterialX Birds-of-a-Feather session at Siggraph 2018 in Vancouver, BC:

[b]MaterialX: An Open Standard for Network-Based CG Object Looks[/b]
Monday August 13, 10:30am-12:00noon
Pan Pacific Hotel, Pacific Rim 2 room

Here is a list of who will be speaking, and about what:
• Doug Smythe, Industrial Light & Magic: “MaterialX: What’s New in v1.36”
• Jonathan Stone, Lucasfilm Advanced Development Group: “MaterialX in Production at Lucasfilm (2018)” and "MaterialX Open Source "
• Guido Quaroni, Pixar: “USD and MaterialX”
• Davide Pesare, Allegorithmic Labs: “MaterialX and Substance”
• Örn Gunnarsson, Autodesk: “MaterialX @ Autodesk”
• Henrik Edström, Autodesk: “MaterialX in Architecture & Design”
Hope to see you there![/quote]


RodeoFX opensourced its inhouse USD plugin Walter for maya.



Now this looks interesting. The first implementation that seems useful out-of-the box without the help of an in-house programming department. They even provide binaries for linux. Cool. I will definitely play with that.
But I wonder if Autodesk will implement some USD or MaterialX stuff natively in Maya2019, more aimed at a general audience and not so studio specific.

Edit: The walter standin can also load standard alembic files. So it’s useful even if you don’t use usd. It’s like gpuCache on speed, with attribute overrides, material assignments, hydra viewport rendering.



mate think u can recompile it for win?


That seems not like an easy task. Nothing I would like to spend my rare free time with at the moment. USD itself, while having been successfully compiled for win, is not officially supported by the devs on that platform.
And since we use Linux at work nobody would allow me to get Walter running on Windows during work time.

I also already lost a bit of interest in Walter. When testing it I found out that it does not like some of our shading networks. It uses abcMaterial to store shaders which errors out on our complexer networks. As with all the USD tools up until now it seems again very specific to the work flow of the company it was designed in.


i hope we dont have to wait to long until Autodesk, Pixar, Luma and AnimalLogic get there combined version running.
But i assume we wont see it before Siggraph 2019.


I’ve read about that collaboration in some comments too. Is there any official announcement? I wonder what Autodesks plan is. The tools of those 3 companies all have the goal of exporting from maya to go into houdini and katana for lighting and rendering. Not something Autodesk would like to support I guess. Walter is the only tool I know at the moment that allows you to render USD from inside Maya with Arnold.


I would say they have to. Otherwise they get kicked out of the big pipelines. Same for matX.


Its official but no announcement outside of the Siggraph talk.


ah too bad :slight_smile:


MaterialX Slides from Siggraph are now online.


ShaderX from Autodesk is now merged into the master.


Just a hint.

There is a precompiled USD/matX version on Github


The first drop of the Autodesk USD for Maya is on GitHub now.

Why yet another Maya plugin?

As USD gains in popularity many studios have been wondering what plugin they should deploy within their pipelines. Two popular choices, used individually as well as together, have been the Pixar USDMaya plugin that has been part of USD itself, and Animal Logic’s, which was separately released as Open Source. Both plugins have a strong community of users, but some have questioned when Autodesk would eventually release an officially supported plugin themselves. The goal of this project is to work directly with Pixar and Animal Logic, as well as other key contributors, in order to merge the best of both into a single supported plugin.