USD and materialX


I would say they have to. Otherwise they get kicked out of the big pipelines. Same for matX.


Its official but no announcement outside of the Siggraph talk.


ah too bad :slight_smile:


MaterialX Slides from Siggraph are now online.


ShaderX from Autodesk is now merged into the master.


Just a hint.

There is a precompiled USD/matX version on Github


The first drop of the Autodesk USD for Maya is on GitHub now.

Why yet another Maya plugin?

As USD gains in popularity many studios have been wondering what plugin they should deploy within their pipelines. Two popular choices, used individually as well as together, have been the Pixar USDMaya plugin that has been part of USD itself, and Animal Logic’s, which was separately released as Open Source. Both plugins have a strong community of users, but some have questioned when Autodesk would eventually release an officially supported plugin themselves. The goal of this project is to work directly with Pixar and Animal Logic, as well as other key contributors, in order to merge the best of both into a single supported plugin.


Some great overvie from Siggraph

Some hints about how the new mat edtor in maya could look like.


Slides from the BoF talk.


good finds Chris, thanks for that.


An other one


Great read…


Siggraph 2019 Slides from Pixar.

Hydra is an interesting concept.


Pixar is goin to release the latest USD v19.11 and handing the Maya plugin over to Autodesk.

  • Deprecated Maya plugin in favor of the Autodesk maya-usd plugin available at We anticipate removing the plugin from the USD repository in the next release and recommend users begin transitioning to the Autodesk plugin – it contains the same features as the Pixar plugin (in fact, it is the same code).


The Autodesk Siggraph Talk is now online.


Its coming closer.


Nice USD Article from Pixar.


Second Part about Mayas USD Plugin.


An other Pixar interview.


The Hydra viewport does work great in Maya.
Everything loaded via the USD pluginin.

Here the plugin download.

The scene is provided by NVidia.