USATODAY: Wait ends, carnage begins: 'Doom 3' on sale Tuesday


The long-awaited Version 3 descends tonight, and its arrival, along with a few other top games this fall, is expected to juice up the gaming industry. (Related story: Doom 3 could be groundbreaking — like its predecessors)

Best Buy stores in Plano, Texas; Richfield, Minn.; New York; Los Angeles; Sterling, Va.; and White Marsh, Md., are hosting exclusive midnight sales events Monday night, and other retailers follow throughout the week.

Initial shipments ($54.99; rated mature, for ages 17 and older) of the PC game could approach 1 million; total sales of at least 4 million are expected. That’s way beyond sales for a typical PC game but short of all-time best seller The Sims (more than 8 million). A version for the Microsoft Xbox is due later this year.

It took nearly four years for the second follow-up to the 1993 first-person shooting classic to reach stores.

Doom 3 is a sure-fire hit,” says analyst David Cole of research firm DFC Intelligence.

That’s good news for a slumping industry; PC game sales last year dropped to $1.2 billion from $1.4 billion in 2001 and 2002. Computer makers and graphics card companies also stand to benefit as gamers trade up or upgrade systems so the game looks better."



I just gave the “talk” to my video card so he knows what a hard week hes about to have. :buttrock:



Glorious Doom.

My only saddnes is that my childern will never understand this game.

Welcome back 1993!!! Booyaaaaaa!!!


I’m thinking that if I ever have kids, I’m going to start 'em on the classics at an early age before they get a chance to be influenced by the shiny everything of todays(well, tomorrow’s) games.


My kids will have nothing but Pong until they’re old enough to drive. :smiley:


i think im the only person who wont let their kids touch a computer (outside of a text editor) until they are 10. kids read little enough as is, and depend on games for entertainment. i dont have a tv in the house (only a projector room for movies) and i will not have a playstation or nintendo. i see too many kids with zero attention span, and i wont contribute to it.

if a kid cant handle a novel by the time it’s 8, the parents failed.



finally something to keep me busy until HL2 is out :smiley:


im debating whether to even buy it, some games i like play, but most others for some reason id rather watch a friend play them. games like silent hill and chronicles of riddick are my favorite games but ive never touched the controller to play them. only online games like unrea Tournament are ones ive actually played. we will see, i might decide to buy it. 60 bucks is alot for a videogame though


err doom3 was kinda available on sunday to those lucky people who shop at best buy early in the morning. :frowning:


what??? whered you hear that, i havent heard anythign about best buy selling it early, i dont even think thats legal.


i know where you’re coming from, but think about it. you know HOW MUCH we read just by sitting behind the computer.

i for 1, read more than an average bookworm just by browsing forums, reading email, unwanted ads, ballabllablalblalblablalba


mmmm…reading off forums i would say couldn’t be considered informative reading compared to a book. Especially since most of us can’t even spell, including me.


heh, but i DO agree with the
QUOTE :i see too many kids with zero attention span, and i wont contribute to it.
well…quote…hmmm…but is there anything wrong with that???

oh wait, DOOM 3, back to that.
So…anyone play it yet??? i dunno if i wanna buy it or not. a little TOO SCI FI for me (even thought i LIVE for sci-fi, this is kinda in da hard2beileve sci-fi cathagory. , i dunno, i just judging from the trailers which i guess isn’t fair) someone reply plz, especially if you have the game, then again you’re prolly playing it right now and have no time to type.


Yeah…it seems like too few people read books these days, I don’t know if TV or videogames are at fault though.

Anyway, Doom 3 is cool and all. Anyone who has seen screenshots or trailers knows the graphics are impressive, but they’re missing out on the immersive atmosphere and general creepiness of the game. It really makes you not want to go for that healthpack at the end of a dark and poorly lit hallway, for fear of something jumping out from the darkness, or a wall panel, or the floor, or…anyway, watching it isn’t the same as playing. I’m not sure what you mean by it being too sci-fi, but it kinda reminds me of Event Horizon.


Yeah, I thought of Event Horizon while playing too. It’s really creepy and scary at some parts, then at others I laugh out loud because a monster or something is just so ridiculous. I think ID made a big effort to do something truly scary, because it is nothing like the originals, but some of the stuff is out of place and totally breaks the atmosphere.

My thoughts anyway, a few hours into the game. It is entertaining regardless.


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