Usability feedback - X Y Z lines more contrast/noticeable


Is there a way to make the X Y Z axis lines a bit more noticeable?
I find it quite difficult to find these lines as there isn’t much contrast between the background, the normal grid lines and the particular X Y Z axis lines.

This is crucial when trying to find your bearings in the scene and finding the world origin in particular.

I believe I am using the Silo Classic theme, though looking through all of the Silo themes, the same issue is present.

Possible suggestions:

  • Allow the XYZ axis lines to be a different user selectable thickness
  • Allow the XYZ axis lines transparency/opacity to be user selectable
  • Allow the XYZ axis lines color to be user selectable so a darker/lighter shade can be used compared to the manipulator (the manipulator colors oddly enough do seem to have some contrast).


You could try adjusting the work grid alpha value in to display settings


Thanks for the suggestion, this has given about the right look of the axis lines. Unfortunately the increment grid lines are way too dark.

Ideally, I’d like the increment grid lines to remain and the axis lines be nice and contrasted. Separate user-selectable settings.

Also related would be a zoom-level dependent grid (I’m not sure if this is the correct terminology but basically where you can keep zooming in and more grid lines will keep being zoomed into view).

Silo screenshot with Full grid alpha

In comparison, I find Blenders grid display has what I need as far as function and contrast are concerned.

Blender 2.93 grid display


You might be able to get the grid looking better by changing the colour in colour settings. You can change the axis colour there to, so you may be able to do that and dial the alpha value down a bit


Thanks again for the suggestions, I have dialed in some settings that are just marginally better (about as good as I can probably do with the current settings).

Please Nevercenter if you are reading along, do not count this as fixed. I would really love to see some consideration given to the suggestions offered to make the viewing experience a little more pleasurable. Maybe even have a look over some of these Themes and make certain the program works as intended.