Usability feedback - Rotating orthographic views


I have another issue that I’m trying to work through now in regards to orthographic views rotating in an unexpected way.

In other software while in an axis-aligned orthographic view (e.g. top, front, right), if I try to use the rotate view command, it returns to perspective and rotates away from the axis aligned view which I find to be very intuitive and natural.

Silo on the other hand, keeps the axis-aligned orthographic alignment locked in but spins the view around causing extreme confusion. I mean, if I can’t have the intuitive behavior, at least is there an option to stop the spinning so I don’t mess up the orthographic axis alignment? Guess what happens if I try to return to perspective view and return to an axis aligned orthographic view using hotkeys, it returns to the misaligned/fudged version of wherever I spun it to previously :expressionless:

I’m really starting to think the ‘designers’ sat down for every possible feature and discussed at length what the most unconventional/awkward/unintuitive way to perform it would be, then said lets go with that.

Will admit, feeling some regret about this purchase, especially reading other comments of the user submitted bugs not getting looked into over a long period of time (going off forum post dates).