USA or UK (animation) BA


Im still considering of going either to uk or us for bachelor of animation.
Which country have the biggest prospect for this field?
Can you tell me the pros n cons?

Because us unis are so expensive, is that mean the quality are higher than uk unis?

Thank you so much for your help
I appreciated it


Well in the US, you have public schools and private schools. Big difference between the two.

Private schools could run up to 30K per year, while a public school might be 10K per year. There are also 2 year community colleges that are around 5K per year.

Some of the best public schools in the US are UC Berkeley, Florida, North Carolina, UCLA, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Tuition at those places is around 12K per year for US citizens with in state residencies, and around 25K for international students.

The best private schools are Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, Duke, CalTech, and Chicago. Those places can run close to 50K per year for everyone.

Places like the Art Institutes, Full Sail, DAVE School, Ringling, and SCAD are all private, and charge between 30-40K per year.

From reading around on the forums, I don’t think there is any growth right now in the US animation business. Places like China, Singapore, Malaysia, Twain, and India seem to be adding jobs though.



I would say International Students(I’m guessing since it says your from Indonesia) coming to the UK isn’t much cheaper. I took a quick look at tuition fees for international students at Bournemouth University and it’s £9,500 - £12,000 per academic year(price in GBP not Dollar), this not including living costs. Other universities in the UK still charge at least £9,000 per academic year for international students.

I did a quick conversion on the internet of say £27,000 (a 3 year course) to dollars and it’s about $41,000. Don’t forget you still need to pay for living costs too.

Maybe online learning is more worth while than to pay that much money for a course that may not get you that job, there are no guarentees and no money back (unless you leave the course very early on, not sure).

In terms of studios in the UK, nearly all the major studios are in London. There are some studios around the UK but London is the main place. You got to understand that studios tend to group together, in USA they are mainly in Los Angeles. You will find not as many studios away from the main cities. This is a general view and you never know that a chance for a job may come from a studio outside the main cites for visual work.


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