US marine


I exported a few highres geometries to try out a mental ray render so that I could better see how the cloth looks in a more realistic lighting environment. I think some of it works while other parts clearly need a bit of rework…


Simply amazing… Your model deserves a 3d print (I didn’t read the whole thread, maybe you are planning it!)


Thank you! Yeah, that probably would be a neat idea! Once I’m completely done with it… If ever.

Here’s an update. Lots of small fixes, I’ve mainly worked on the backside of the arms (which of course aren’t visible in this render), but I’ve also worked on the pose and added a few minor things.

Personally I’m a HUGE fan of camouflage netting so made a quick test of it and I think I’ll probably keep it, but any opinions on it couldn’t hurt! I forgot to crease parts of the helmet, but the geometry in ZBrush works mostly as a stand in so it doesn’t matter much.



Can’t say anymore because I have to pick my jaw up from the floor…


Thanks, man! Hopefully I’ll be able to make it look cool from any angle! :wink:

So… I spent the day UV-mapping, creating vector displacement maps, setting them up with MR and exporting geometry to Maya… Only to come to the conclusion that I learned a lot, but for my upcoming updated reel I’ll probably render this one out in BPR instead. This due to the fact that with the amount of vector displacement going on my render times will be too long to get something out in the next few days, and that time is better spent sculpting. Anyways, ZBrush shows of the detailing pretty well, and for now that’s what I’m after.

Maybe his thumb is a bit short…


Digging the netting on the helmet! Your attention to detail is really inspiring…keep it up!


Great stuff!



That’s good to hear! Thanks!


I’ll open up some room! Cheers!


Still working on this… Trying out many ZBrush features, even though I told my self to only use techniques that I already know to get this done as quickly as possible. But so many ZBrush features are just so cool that I can’t seem to keep my hands of them ^^

I’ve also attempted to understand more about the BPR and hopefully I’ll be able to show of something nice without leaving ZBrush.

Still, this is rendered with one light, one pass and a few curves in PS. What worries me are the very black shadows beneath his eyes… I can’t seem to get rid of them. And I’m (pretty sure that I’m) not even using AO…

Anyways, it’s a bit of an update!


Excellent details on the bowman, i take you’re going to model an MBITR, maube prc-152 or 148 but any reason why you went with a bowman as opposed to sordins or comtacs?

I really do think you should lose the carry handle and mount the eotech on the flat top of the receiver rather than the rail, the eye relief where you have it now would be awful.


As always, any inaccuracy in gear is due to my ignorance. :blush:

I made this one because I found a few reference images of it, it looked cool and it worked with the helmet on.

On the EOTech… I see your point and I agree. But for now I’m pretty much rushing this out for my upcoming reel and if the EOTech can show of some modeling skills that takes precedence over real life military preference or even accuracy. I’ll have plenty of time for accuracy later :wink:

What makes me feel a bit dumb is the fact that I don’t just ask questions on here often enough. I have been wondering about the coms and about other stuff and it can be pretty tough to find out what is being used and what the exact names of specific gear is if I can’t find it on any “lists of gear” found on the marines website or Wikipedia.

Cheers, man! Thanks for helping out!


All you have to do is drop me a line. I have real Eotechs, real bowmans and Sordins, various M4 rifles, pistols, grenades, mines, molle kit, genuine marine boots and air force boots, every camo known to man. Just shout next time and I will help, for a small fee of course :slight_smile:


Thank you! You’ll most definitely hear from me in the future! When I’ve managed to make enough money for that fee!


small is small with me mate :wink:

I have just taken delivery of a nice shiny H&K MP7 PDW, if you decide to model a modern navy seal any time soon, ooh lots of shiny goodness…:smiley:


… now I want to make a navy seal!

Update update. I decided to go with the bowman after all.


God, it looks so sweet… You sure you’re not going for the FROG uniform? Because it sure as hell looks like it :stuck_out_tongue: I mean, that square velcro is present on the FROG uniforms. Haven’t seen it on the others.


Wow this thread is incredible to go through. Amazing work, really makes me want to start a project like this. :beer: Look forward to more!


Nah, doesn’t look anything like the frog or UBACS outfit. The CRYE based frog or UBACS top is a much tighter cut, with built in polymer elbow pads.

This looks more like a Gen2 BDU top, although the placement of the arm pocket is wrong, perhaps a cross between a Gen2 BDU and an ACU top.


No need to fight over the type of jacket, gentlemen! It’s a mixture of designs and that’s how I will keep it for now. I’ll see about making something more accurate in the future! Or maybe just leave it be and start a new character somewhere soon and call this done. It would be fun to start over on something new to get a better grasp on how I’ve improved my workflow!


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