US marine


Hey, there!

A while ago I started to build a helmet, and now I figured that to start a WIP-thread might help turn it into a full Marine. Also, I started a 3D-school a few months ago (happy me!) and I need stuff for my future reel, so that's another carrot to keep this project running!

If anybody didn’t get it from the title I’m planning on creating a US Marine :wink: I’m not dead set on what year he’s from, but it’s sometime during the Iraq war. Since I’m still learning about who uses what gear from what time I’m all up for suggestions regarding all of that :stuck_out_tongue:

Please note that the goggles are not done. More to come!


Amazing level of detail, looking forward to seeing this progress.


Thanks, man!

I’ve been working some more on the chinstrap. It’s still far from finished, but I just figured it was about time to share some progress on this to keep me going. This image also gives some general impression of where I’m going with this. Anyone with a keen eye for details will also notice that I’ve added a head! I started the sculpting of it in mudbox a few days ago. I will post some more images of just the head since I need some advice on the anatomy of it!


looks awesome…the cloth in particular looks really real. I have one of these helmets and it looks exactly like that. Can’t wait to see how this progresses! About the head anatomy its hard to judge from these pictures, but it does look like the neck is a bit fat.


Thank you! You don’t happen to have any pictures of your helmet? Even if most of the modeling is done, I could still push it a bit further with more reference images! It would also be great for the texturing part! Wow… actually having one of these would have saved me quite a few hours, and quite alot of googles bandwidth! :wink:

Regarding the head, I’ll post more images of it later today, I guess.

Thanks again for the help!


Nice work here. I don’t know much about military gear but that modeling look flawless man. Well done, Keep going


Thanks a lot!

Here’s the head as it looks right now… I’m posting it to stop myself from going any further on it right now since I seem to be going in the wrong direction with it. I’d very much like advice on both anatomy and proportions!

Bigger picture here


I stared blocking out the body of the guy today. This is something I’m quite new to, so I’d love some suggestions if anything looks odd. I’ll put him in another pose later, I guess. Also, note that he’ll be a glove wearing man, so if his hands look too large: that’s why.

I would still love some advice on his head too! Thanks!


Holy hell, that’s impressive!
Any chance we could see some wireframes?


Thank you! It really means alot!

Wires of anything in particular…? Don’t hold your breath over the helmet wires - the cloth is made with a displacementmap. If you’d still like to see it or if you were referring to something else I’ll be sure to post it!


I was most curious about the helmet, but any thing you have the energy to post a wireframe of is appreciated. I like looking at the topology of other peoples work as a way of trying to improve my own modeling. And also just the fact that it’s always interesting to see how something is made…

Did you use mudbox to produce the displacement map for the helmet?


Sure, man. Here’s parts of the PVS-14 mount:

Anything else just let me know! We’re all here to share the knowledge! :wink:

And yeah, the helmet is sculpted in mudbox.


The proportions look fine on the head the one thing that sticks out to me just a bit is the side picture, the neck looks a bit skinny and long. Are you using both Maya and Mudbox as your main tools? I pretty much know Maya but I have a hard time figuring out what tools to use to model certain objects. Could please give a brief run down of what you use to model the helmet and accessories with, thanks?


Thanks for the critique!

I’m using Maya for all the modeling and Mudbox for the sculpting. This far I’ve used Mudbox for the helmet cloth, the chin sprap and the head. I’m also quite new to Maya. I mostly use extrude, insert edge loop, append to polygon, merge vertex, delete edge and split polygon tool. I don’t think you need much more than that. Surely, other tools can make things faster but you’ll do fine with those I mentioned (I might have forgotten something though). I’ll start off with a cube of a cylinder and then I reshape and remake the mesh until it’s where I want it at. Often it helps to know what topology you want before you start the modeling.

Hopefully I’ll have some more progress on it soon!


Here’s another update. I’ve begun modeling the M16A4 that this guy will be carrying. As with the rest of him I’m doing my best to model everything as detailed and correct as I possibly can. Any critique will be much appreciated!


Wow awesome work on the helmet. Good start for the rifle.
well done, keep going


1 - 2 - 3 - 4. I - love - marine - core :slight_smile:

superb work so far. looking forward for more updates


Thanks guys!

Since I’m not set on a pose for the marine yet, I was thinking that if anyone has any suggestions that would be great! I won’t get much modeling done on the body before I’m set on a pose, so I’d really appreciate some input!


Very nice modeling, question though. In your wire frame it looks as though you modeled in standard poly’s and shifted it into the 3rd smooth option? If thats the case how’d you get it to render smooth as, often in my renders it just renders blocky and not smoothed shape?


If you’re rendering in MR, there shouldn’t be a problem. But it’s only MR that can render out the preview smooth. I hope that answers your question!