Hi to everybody!

I was thinking a lot how the final battle between Ice and Fire gonna look like or at least what kind of final Ice and Fire battle would be interesting to draw. My initial idea was a large composition with lots of characters fighting each other and with that in mind I’ve started drawing some rough thumbnail sketches. What I like about doing thumbnails is that you get more ideas during the process, some new things get into your mind and the other stuff become more clear. If I had time, I would probably use more than one of these sketches to make a few final versions. But since I don’t, I had to decide on just one. While looking at these sketches I noticed on some of them composition is either too chaotic or too symmetrical and boring, or characters look more as striking a pose instead of fighting each other, or dragons are too large and hence armies are too small. I’m not saying that they are looking bad in general but I had to decide just on one of them, so I was looking for flaws that would help me eliminate thumbnails that wouldn’t be the best solution for the final artwork. In the end I decided to continue with image (11).

And here is the drawing. The idea for composition is next: Others are in the foreground with Night King looming above everybody, their white armor and skin contrasting dark shapes of undead they are rising every time someone dies during fight. From there, undead are constantly rolling towards Jon Snow (Azor Ahai) and human armies. They are trying to beat waves of wights but they are just keep coming. There is also a giant ice spider and Ghost is taking care of him and Drogon beating Vyserion and burning hundreds of the undead around them. Who will win in the end? We’ll see if I manage to finish this until the end of the week :smiley:


Here is progress so far…


This is my final entry for the competition.
I see there are some things that can be improved but I’m exhausted and I need to take a few days away from this artwork unless Others gonna hunt me not just on computer screen but in my dreams too :slight_smile:
I hope you will like it!
Enjoy :slight_smile: