URGENT - PhotoMatch help needed!


Hey Guys,

I just bought Arndt’s PhotoMatch plugin yesterday for a project with a very short deadline, and I’m hoping someone can help me solve a problem. You can find the project file here:


The building you see in the background image is being renovated. I have modeled the existing building and an addition to it in Cinema. Now I want the view of the model to match the view of the photo, so I can composite the rendering into the photo.

I’ve followed the manual and tutorial, which are quite clear, but I still can’t seem to get it to work. I thought I could create two polygons, one for the East facade (right side) and one for the South facade (left side) and use them to place the model correctly. I haven’t had any success though. One problem is that the corner you see in the photo is NOT 90 degrees, it’s a larger angle.

I’m not sure what else to try, so I’m hoping someone can do me an ENORMOUS favor and place the model or correct the view so that everything fits properly. I would really appreciate any help.



Hi Jack,
I am just mailing you the fixed scene back. Please let me know if this gives you a better result.


Thanks for the quick reply Arndt! I just sent you an e-mail as well.
Bedtime at last for me!



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