urgent help needed:frames are blurred and jaggy


Hi there:)
i m just new to premier pro, never use this product before
recenlty i have rendered animation in 3dsmax, and made complete movie in premier,
problem is that premier is not rendering(exporting to bmp’s) it fine, some frames got blurred and some are clean n sharp as they are.
plz help to solve this problem its urgent…
here is some of frames
plz help me



I wanted to know what output u gave from 3dsmax?


i used Pal dv 1 720x576, 1.0666 pixel aspect ratio.


[QUOTE=max lover]Hi there:)
he i think u need to dither the frems befor u render! use effect>transparency > alpha> inverce. then export as tga or bmpor tiff


check dither before render.


I’m assuming you live in the USA and not Lost in space, lol, if you live in the usa, there’s a 99.999999999 chance that that you shouldn’t be using pal. You need to export in NTSC, that’s the standard for the USA, if you live in Europe, then you use pal. So, you want, 720x480, 29.97 fps… Yeah, so what’s prob happning is your outputing from max in pal, which is a TALLER picture format, then importing into premiere, and premiere is settup at 720x480, do the math, it streches it wider.

You already know all this and you are INTENTIONALLY using pal, then what i’m seeing is it is interlaced. When you play it back on TV, it will go away. (because of the alternating fields)

Hope this helps!

But honestly, it just looks interlaced is all (the file format shouldn’t be a problem unless your having compression artifacts, which it looks like your not)


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