urgent help needed. 3dsmax scene export to c4d. Possible?


Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone knew of any way to export a whole scene (including materials) from max to c4d. I was planning on buying Polytrans, but after reading their product page, it seems C4D is one of the very few formats it doesnt support (typical!). I need a full scene export with UV coordinates and materials intact, rather than a 3ds export of just the objects. Does anyone know of any way around this problem? I have googled and searched here to no avail. Thanks.



You may try an .FBX export from Max and import the .FBX to C4D. It might work provided no procedurals were used.

Good luck.


I would suggest using OBJ export rather than FBX… i believe the last time i tried going from max -> c4d with FBX, i had only triangles import into C4D, whereas you’ll get quads with OBJ.

Both should work OK with UV data. However, the materials are not going to translate well - if at all. I cant remember if texture maps will translate (i doubt it, but possible), but i’m quite sure that max materials - especially procedurals - will not translate.



but i’m quite sure that max materials - especially procedurals - will not translate

Well, the most important thing is for raytrace reflections to translate. But somehow i very much doubt that will happen. I’ll give it a shot now. Thanks for the answers, please keep em coming.




Obj Import now supports Ngons as well, if I am correct.
In any case I would not worry about that, if the meshes are correctly constructed in 3dmax, you can always Untriangulate, with the create Ngon option on, and you;ll get some clean meshes.
I would try with the FBX format first ( that’s what it was created for after all./)


as moka said, its quite easy if the mesh is built ok .
we useobj or fbx.

the new untriangulte in 9.1 is a killer feature! TRY IT:-))))



I ended up using FBX export from Max, works a treat. Thanks everyone for the replies.




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