[URGENT] Cloth sim achieving the look of vacuumated rubber



I need to achieve a look of a rubbery material (spandex?) in which objects are wrapped, kind of like the following image (slightly NSFW):http://www.aufblasbares.de/images/bekleidung/693033.jpg

All I could come up with so far is: http://imgur.com/bZ46hjG

I dont even know if its the right approach to just take a cloth plane, make it very heavy and stretchy and let it fall since to real world would suck out air of an enclosed volume.
Anyways I end up with not-so-nice edges as you can see on hard object edges and they dont seme to go away with more substeps and resolution and things quickly become totally inefficient when working with large meshes (atm the plane has 700k quads…).

My question is - is there another software or another way in 3ds max to achieve that look?


How many images / animations do you have to do ?

We got this effect by a combination of Max and Zbrush - but we had to do 20+ images vacuum formed.

Workflow was to build the object in Max & import into ZB to Dynamesh it and then sculpt the creates in that - then smooth/decimate and export back to Max. Think ZB runs a 30 day trial to have a go.



i just play arround with the Lucid beta and slowly i get something that looks a bit like the desired thing. What is the actual object that should be wrapped here ? Should this be an animation or only the final still ?


Here’s the result of my experiments using Lucid Beta to wrap a character…
Some penetration here and there, but those could be fixed in another tweaking round.But the result is quite usable IMHO , and simulation surely is faster than built in cloth.

Here’s a screenshot, will attach some fun renders later on …

UPDATE: here are some fun renders





That’s looking great :slight_smile:


I’ve done this before using the default cloth modifier. I don’t have time to dig out/work up an example right now but the basics are : Set up a plane as a cloth, drape it over your object and ground, then set the pressure to a negative amount (and select cap holes) and carry on simulating.

You can set the negative pressure as the second property on the material and animate between it if you want to.


Thanks for all this input!
The deadline went a little further away and it looks like I have some room to experiment now. Ill have a look at that lucid thingy, never head of it but looks promising, already applied for a beta.