URBLE >>>Urban Air Bubbles


The Amazonian Jungle and its great expanses of green and massive rivers is the scene for the Urban Air Bubbles {UAB} to occupy a place suited for living and experiencing the uniqueness of earth.

This is my first time in this arena guys so be sensitive
and I found out about this competition late
never the less here it is a vision of an experience that can be lived out in our times or in the future. The architectural landscape is provided by the existing Amazonian Jungle, which is a perfect back drop for the urban communities that live and enjoy the surrounding views. The urban air bubbles can vary in size of the communities that it facilitates from a 500 man UAB to a 10.000 man UAB. The architecture here looks into promoting the primal history of the Mayan’s to the new airborne technologies being looked into by NASA {airbag mars Lander} Boeing Capital Corporation, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Carter Aviation etc. The pyramid like bases are fitted with cables that stabilize and function as transport lines to and from the UAB and between the UAB there are also transport connectors which provide for an in air sailing transport opportunity. The question still to be looked into is the need for the retro rockets that are used to stabilize, acquire data, and provide power to the UAB.

Please tell me what you think about this idea and I am glad to take part in this challenge.


This is nothing short of astounding. Such concepts could help save the world. Now all that’s left to do is wait for the technology to be invented. Maybe some of it already has been?


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