Urban Future, Stefan Morrell (3D)


Title: Urban Future
Name: Stefan Morrell
Country: New Zealand
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

sometime in the future…
a composition from dozens of renders & various render passes.
model & render in 3dsmax…postworked in Photoshop
Happy new year!


>> Hi resolution image <<



amazing work!


Unbelievable detailed work.
I really like the render.


Very nice scene, great mix of 2d and 3d, looks great, keep it up! :thumbsup:


nice workkkkkkvery nice idea and great scene~:bounce: :bounce:

PS:but i think that if the city permeated by machine culture in our future~~that shall indescribable


Amazing work!!!
5 stars!!!


Jaw dropping. For all the detail, there’s not a wasted polygon - there is a real feeling of function to it all. This is the stuff of dystopian dreams.


nice design, my only crit would be that the image looks washed out. needs more contrast. unless this was the style you were going for,


Exellent, I´m really impress exellent work.



It`s realy great with powerful details…congrats:shrug:


very nice scane…
i like details : )
its cool :thumbsup:


holy crap! thats a hell of a lot of details well done


excellent works. I love all the details you modelled into the building. The mood is just right to the point. Great Sci-Fi works


Excellent work Stefan. Great detail.


Congratulations… this is incredibly cool. Your work is very inspirational and just as intimidating as it was then as it is now. The level of detailing here is madness.

When I grow up, I’m hoping I can be half as skillful and imaginative as you are…

Cheers! — Möe


Both her and the cat are adventurous! Good work.


Wicked, crazy, beautiful detail on that Stefan!!! Much respect for a real master.:applause:


Amazing level of detail! Great work mate!!


thanks for the comments :slight_smile:
Some close ups


Nice work.Great details:thumbsup: