Urban Environment, Stefan Morrell (3D)


Title: Urban Environment
Name: Stefan Morrell
Country: New Zealand
Software: 3ds max, finalRender, Photoshop

this is a stylised city environment,modeled & rendered in 3dmax using final Render…textures & post in Photoshop
4 hour rendertime @ 4k… with a 300k polycount

the wheels were initialy made for the journey challenge but were never used for that…finally I found a place for them

the 2 cars are courtesy of 3d world magazine,



Great work dude 4 star! :wink:


I love the gradation in height of the buildings. Composition is excellent. Modeling, texturing and lighting are good too, the scene looks very much lived (though some people in it would have contributed to that). Overall, I’m impressed by the image because it captures the perspective as well as height of the background buildings in a great way.

Very good work!


Atmospheric image. Nice hazy, urban feel. I like the lighting and the long shadows being cast, though the shadows down by the tires look a little odd-I thought it was skid marks leading to the tires at first-but maybe thats just my perception. Anyway, detailed modelling and even better texturing. 4 stars.

If you’re curious…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eNqFibM7Ig


Amazing work
lots of detailes,nice texture
great work :slight_smile:


VEry detail.



Beautiful scene! Fantastic lighting… I honestly feel as if I’m there.

Excellent work :thumbsup:


Love the atmosphere and the off tilt camera angle…

not sure how long those tyres would stay there though… I can see them walking pretty
quickly :wink:




This is really excellent, i adore scenes like this. 5 stars from me, i would love to see a night version!



Stefan, amazing and beautiful scene that.:thumbsup:

Great modeling and Detailing too.
Wish could give more than 5 star’s.

It’s always inspiring too see such detailing.


Very texture rich…i wish i can saturate the colors abit. :thumbsup: Stars from me!


Holy Sh*t! That is amazing! So realistic! Great work dude!!


I love the image. It looks really realistic. It´s so detailed and with such a nice atmosphere in it… The only thing that I could disagree is that the wheels look too new for staying in that street. Anyway this image is really fantastic, congratulations.


Great texturing. Love the detailing…5starts from me:thumbsup:

How long did it take to finish the model?


Hi …
hide the Tires and need a little sharpness …Beatiful work…sorry for my terrible eng… :frowning:

Autodesk Behind The Screenz


so pretty modeling, lighting, rendering and etc! but i do not love the tires inthe fore ground!


such a great job of rendering and modelling, would like to see some people in there though.


Amazing work


great work dude, i like it, but please bring these tires and rims to the garage. they are killing the image



Great image Stefan. The front buildings are very realistic. Top score!