Upper Body


Just started this the other day. Let me know what you think have only put about six hours in so far. just wanted to get some feedback.


i would definately work more on the abdominal section …and please do post some side view renders so we can have a better feel of the volume this character / body part has…over all its a pretty good start…also post a wire frame of the model to see the geometry layout and if u need any references then let me know …


(PS: 6 Hrs??? thats brilliant !!:buttrock: )


this is the wireframes i konw three is some shaping to be done but the proportions are exact with my refrence.


side view thanks for the comments.


its looking pretty nice so far…keep going :thumbsup:

looks like you are using Maya…:slight_smile:


looks indeed very good so far! :thumbsup:
but i think you need to work on everything around und below the navel, “your” body seems to be much to plain and flat there
and i think the chest seems to be very unmuscular, that doesnt fit to the overall shape and the sixpack
i am looking forward to your progress :slight_smile:


the refrence for the character and what final character will look like alot of detial will be lost but i like to model it all there to begin with. I also did the sculpture.


good stuff man, the realisim is there, definitely…and to think, I have to see your ugly face everyday, lol.


another four hours of work.


latest update. if you need me to post wires seperate just let me know. 20 to 24 hours in.


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