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Hi all,
I’ve always had a problem posting images on the page, they usually show as a click on Image !! So the viewer will have to click on it first then they will see my uploaded Photos ! What do I do to make the image show as soon as someone enters the post?? Keep in mind that I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to internet uploads, Except when I send people images threw my Yahoo mail, Sorry !! Oh anD I am a Mac User, Sorry again!!! :smiley: :smiley:

see the sample that I have uploaded on this page…

Thanks for your support, :slight_smile:


Come on guys!! :hmm: All these posts that go up every Day & now one knows how its done-??
Thanks for your support,


Errr… firstly, you should have posted this in the Support forum :wink:

Secondly, that’s how attachments work. If you want to display your images inline (ie in the actual post instead of a clickable thumbnail), then you need to host your images on your own server and use the IMG tags to display them within the post.

The thumbnails are the drawback to using CGTalk as your image host, I’m afraid.

Also, please have a little more patience. Getting all uppity and posting a reply 45 minutes after posting the thread is… well, pretty impatient :hmm:


To get a picture to show full size without the thumbnail click thing you have to host the picture yourself and provide a link


Sorry Guy, But thanks for your help!!


<IMG src=“url”>


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