Upload your art and show it in Augmented Reality


I’ve been working on an Augmented Reality app for iPhone (android coming soon) that enables creators to upload their 2D and 3D assets and place them in the real world.
In addition to placing objects and recording video, you can create scenes and share the whole virtual scene with your friends. Your friends can then place the scene and experience it. They can even remix it themselves and send it back to you.
Let us know what you think in the comments and sign up at https://www.arcreatr.com/ to join the Alpha and place your art in the real world!



I think this is a great idea, assuming it hasn’t already been done by someone else.


Hello Folks

Hows this Living Front? Please share your suggestions


It’s okay if its been done by somebody else. He just has to make his platform better that whatever is already out there.