Uplift Universe - Video Entry: Terence Daniels


This is a a psuedo still for a future type alien band, coming to a galaxy near you…


Sorry I have not been coming with the updates on the depth of progress. Right now I am creating extra vehicles for this scene. Working on some serious methods here. Hoping to doll out the cars at a fast pace.


Here is one of the first couple of mutants from an animation test. Seems to work well with a bit of supercel shade huh? I hope you will enjoy this product!


New car render from the “car render farm”! Old Mac Donanld ect…


more cars


more cars


This is a composite render of the cars thus far(about 8) in front of a still render of a city from a previous life where I used Bryce. : ). I will make a new city from Lightwave for the final.



You could use some work on the rendering… try a diffrent rendering system.
Don’t use lightwave to much, and don’t know if it has Mental Ray as standart… but you shoud give it a shot.

Good luck.

[right]my Uplift Universe[/right]


I have been using LW to create some interesting cel shaded effects on the final renders.

The cars are never finished,…but the WIP images look good enough.

The new city is in progress and I have some new quickshade renders of the ANIMATION for the car scene.



Finally! I’m able to get a color key for the main characters in this pulp. From Left to right I will describe the characters.

Svet-tracker for hire
Rey-is a tech trader
Monty and Zuzu-both members of Un Sange
Angie-Un Sange lead singer
Minerva-robo bass player for Un Sange
Roxy-navigator and bodyguard
Alex-anthropologist and scientist
Dillan-circuit racer

There should be more characters in and out of the story but this is what I got so far…

I’ve also finished the animatic which I will post next time…


Wow that’s a lot of characters! I like the designs…they have a very “Heavy Metal” feel to them :slight_smile:


cool character sheet! so many though… seems like you have your work cut out for ya, hehe.

g’luck! look forward to seein’ more of the story.


i’ve colored up the ETs and gonna start blocking some scenes soon. We’ll wait to a later date to show the animatic. I know I promised but, things are still too mature…



I want to tell a story from the perspective of an alien creature really different from humans physically as the main character. I was thinking he could be a sort of sexless gigolo type like James Bond and the plot would involve the investigation of some stolen works of art. The main idea is that he attends a legitemate art auction on an alien planet only to find that some stolen pieces are being sold behind the scenes.

Since it is artwork that might allow for the Rembrance of some famous art pieces allowing for the story to involve a little bit of culture and realism to the science fiction aspect. Research of the appropriate key paintings might be neccassary. One that comes to mind is the Camera Delgi Sposi. He can spot this one on the ceiling in one of the scenes, and notices that it is imitation, used only in lighting the room. He can emphasize his alien-ness by mentioning something like “
the small pink winged creatures are holding electric candles”; making comments about his surroundings as if new to most experiences.

The battle scenes would involve some alien ninja and samurai types, as most do! He poses as an underground art buyer who gleans the secret underground code for the secret auction through his partner who is elsewhere on the planet until closer to the ending when circumstances are dire. He really is not the heroic type, and his movements are like Leslie Nielson in Naked Gun. Another strange thing that can happen in the midst of fighting over the artwork once the players are busted is to have one of the enemy agents snap a picture of an expensive piece, blinding the main character and thus thieving the artwork, escaping in the flash.

The character will not have legs or arms and will hover like a squid and have an unspecified number of tentancles. The tentacles could serve as the brain coral does in humans, expressing his thoughts using the glowing arms trailing underneath. The spine and other anatomics can be a separate piece which swivels just above the tentacled mass. It can be the eye of the creature and act like a mood ring as he observes different events within the environment. His personality should be something like the transgendered disposition of a British secretary, (spaced-out) but male. Very clueless, yet intelligent, observant, reproachful, not neccarily the pipe toting Sherlock Holmes type though. Like a man who covers his mouth with his hand when he talks

A subplot could be that he is on a date at a legidemate art buying auction with his humanoid girlfriend who loves him despite their physical differences.

The funny thing about some of the art items for sale is that they can be offshoots of futuristic performance art follies. As an example some scientist who built a craft that was supposed to be able to withstand the temperatures inside the sun actually died but was able to jettison a piece of it before his ship disintegrated. The piece of solar ash would therefore be a priceless item, let go only in the worst of circumstances. It would just be like playing with the adverse conditions to be found in the universe and finding out what objects might be difficult to obtain and thus very expensive.

The acts can serve as a standard template for space adventures, for example modern space travel denotes planetfall, and this atmospheric entry is always hosted by that planets “operator” which broadcasts to spacefarers what types of chemicals are present in the air, letting passengers know who can breath without gear and what need masks, protective skin covering, goggles, ect.

SCENE1: Klee-an Stratosphere


Biggot! Why wouldn’t you let Nuno ride with us to Klee. Now he has to take his own ship, do ju reha-lize how much theis treip is costeen us?


Well, I think Nuno is a fine fellow but the air on this planet makes him smell like the condensed core of a sulfur metorite mineshaft.


Soooo Whaaaat! Ju smell a lil bit too after you get me with those tentacles lover.


Uuumph! Get off! Can’t you see I’m trying to navigate?


Ooops! Sooory.


Besides, we aren’t that close, he might mess up our synergy, yours and mine.


Now entering Kleesian atmosphere. Please be warned of the following cultural customs, regulations, and atmospheric restrictions


Oh no! Noot dis again, do olways have do listen do theis junk stacion. Cant we turn off de communicador or sumtheing.


I don’t think so, the transmission seems to be beaming throughout the network.


Please note that the gravitation on Klee is approximately seven point six units on the surface of the planet. Be informed that our atmosphere contains excessive counts of hydrogen consisting of mostly lower mass Minovsky particle fields.


So why did we stop here? I thought we were going home? I need to get my beauty sleep you know?


You were getting’ too comfortable in that dusty old hyper-sleeper. It’s been a long trip but I wanted to do something nice for you for a change. The gravitonic magnetizer was noticing some heavy metaphasic activity inside this warp field and so were investigating.


Oooh! Adventure! I joost love our little escapades!


As it turns out, this is one of many visited worlds in this star system! But unfortunately you’ll have to wear these.


Whas theis?


It’s a mini atmospheric filter. Oxygen count’s low my lovely.


You still not answering me, where are we, why we here, I don’t think I like this Monty, Wha eif theis mask leik or something, an
I die. Thein wha!?


Dear, juss try to be calm, I have every intention of giving you a surprise. That mask is brand new. Were meeting up with Churaz at Darius Wind.


Dis jost gotta be a trap Monty, I know, less jost get outta here

(Nuno break over the backround operaton noise)


Hello, say again do you read me, this is N…no, I’ve been trying to reach you for an hour do you you have your radio cut off or something? The only frequency that seems to be working is the operaton channel. I had had to amplify my signal five times to break the transmission beam on the network.


I’ve got some animation footage for you this update. The promo is less than half completed and the contest is more than halfway over. As you can see there’s still a lot of animation to do and also the music.

This link:

I feel like I’m losing a lot of valuable research as this project progresses. There’s never time to write down everything about how you did something especially with all the crashes and complete rebuilds going on.

As a matter of fact I had a good deal of the city built and had a crash and the file was unrecoverable…yea right the old one that got away story! Messed up files are pretty rare on my system anyway.

This should bring back your cereal eatin’ pajama wearin’ childhood memories!


Working on some interiors as well as some newly animated elements as you will see. Seem to have misplaced a drawing though. If you see it let me know. Check out the latest rendered animation.




More work cel shading the room. I think I will add some effects to the stained glass as well. Slow week.


Video Link>>

Dear readers,

This has been a very interesting event from the start. I feel like I finished a bit early though. I was reluctant to begin a new phase of this project for fear of not finishing parts of it. Concentrating on certain things allowed me to stay focused on quality. I also learned a lot about this format for animation that should prove invaluable to me in the future.

By staying flexible yet obssesive about the look of this project I was able to aleviate obstacles posed by the speed of my machine in rendering animation files. I simply could not afford to have my laptop running and rendering radiosity or even ray traced scenery all day and night for weeks. I think I’ve managed to retain the “feel” by using quickshade renders. Something no one desires to do yet the results seem to work with the thematic centration I was talking about.

I must admit that a lot of the designwork was already prepared for elaboration, yet nonethless required processing for 2D animation and rotoscope. The animation is a complicated mix of seperate animation pipelines merged together in a really annoying process which takes traditional animation skill as well some serious finger flying editing skill. On that note I had major trouble getting my 3D work to look as good as my 2D stuff given my refresh rate in my 3D apps and editors. Basically the machine was acting up the entire time really! :slight_smile:

As for collaboration, it looked like we had some prospects in the beginning but that didn’t work out with people’s schedules, skillsets ect. Nonetheless I still hope to work with others on this animation later in the shapings. I’d have to say the most exiting part was watching my aliens come to life, and secondly developing 3D pipelines for mass production. I also enjoy rendering hypervoxel clouds and tweaking those parameters a WHOLE LOT!

Thanks for creating this contest. It really provided me with a way to test my abilites. Our(my) music was provided from a source who’s creator I can not confirm as it is taken from an old local public broadcast from an 89 airing of computer animation learning program. I hope you enjoy and learn at the same time!



This is the short version of a longer trailer for this sci-fi TV series trailer. It is intended to convey a retro-active style of animation in the action genre. The storyline is split into multiple connected events in a futuristic pulp fiction type of format. This will definetely be a cartoon worth watching!

Software Used:
Lightwave 3D, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premier

Play Video >>


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