Uplift Universe - Video Entry: grzegorz jonkajtys


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different face


just a sketch


ouch ! one of the masters here !
It is a great pleasure to see you in this challenge Grzegorz !


Witam mistrza :bowdown: i życzę powodzenia :thumbsup:

Good luck!


I will go for this look, most likely, a little weak, sad, unsecure alien in the human world :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to see what you come up with dude…you’re going to make for some tough competition!



Well, this is the first time I’m entering the challenge.
I liked the topic, I liked that it actually doesnt have to be based on the book.
Always been fascinated by aliens ( who wasn’t), since I’m actually doing some dull tasks at work, I figured, I will try to make an interesting trailer, maybe something more…

I have the basic idea, and. well… I just hope I’ll finish it :slight_smile:



Hi man!! Good luck on contest :thumbsup:

I really enjoy your style and your aliens in your portifolio :eek:


super sketches!
Cant wait to see storyboard:)!

Good luck to you - you have lot of exerinence in animation and lot more and that will be helpfull. Even shortest movie is very serious work and you are someone who can do it - can do it well :slight_smile:



It’s great to meet you here. I’ve been fascinated with your art for a long time now. It will be a pleasure to watch everything evolves on this thread. True inspiration.

Good luck!


first pass modeling on the alien face.


he is really sad, that one…


Here is the dilema.
I have the idea for the whole , well, teaser, short, or whatever.
But I really dont want to spoil it.
can I just post the partial treatment, or partial animatic, without the last scene, last shot??

Anyway, my sad little alien , finds himself in a locked glass room. He wakes up, drowsy, shocked, he doesnt really remember what happened to him.
Slowly, the images of what happened come back, like a painful flash backs…
He has been traveling… he lost control of the navigation… he crashed…
He has been found by… humans?? they didnt understand him… he has been tortured…

well, I dont want to say anything more yet :slight_smile:



he is really sad, that one…


He’s a cute little guy :smiley:

Can’t imagine you’d have a problem with leaving the last scene out…I think the storyboard/pre-vis “stage” of the contest is just to show that you’re planning out your work.


very nice work … and good character …
waiting for your next step …!
keep posting …



Great start!
Nice modelling and really like your sketches, Grzegorz. Good luck)))