Uplift Universe - Video Entry: George Kiparissous


Hello everyone… I want to thank everybody who contributed to this thread… It was a learning process once again…

This is the final version i am submitting… hope you like it…


I think you did a great job! Although it would have been nice to see him with gorilla-like hands. Very funny “take” on the theme though…like “A Night at the Roxbury” in space!


Thanks for your comments Tyson… Glad you liked the result… There are two reasons why i didn’t do the hands… first, this was my initial idea (everything human except from the monkey head) and second, i am working hard on wrapping up my demoreel so time is an issue…

On another issue that came up, if anyone is reading this thread, I am trying to upload my final video for the video challenge using the cguploader but it gives me an error message saying that “This feature is only available to CGS members”…I used my username and pass, selected video as a category, browsed to an image and flv video and then i clicked upload…

Am i doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance,


Software: Maya

I really hope you like it…

Thanks again everyone for your input…

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Great work my fellow Greek!! Very professional!! I wish you the best of luck with this challenge.

My uplift Image


Ok… I decided to add something else i have been working on in my submission…

Its a space scene i have been messing around with for a couple of weeks now on and off (mostly off), not sure if it would fit in there, but i think it will work really well to complete my submission…

Hope you like it…


I hope you like the design… I took some reference from old nasa spaceships as well as spacestations and added my touch on that…

This is the model that will go into the space scene…

C&C welcome as always…

Have fun,


Thats a pretty cool design there. I don’t know about the proportions is Mr.Charles Dart inside this ship.


Very very cool…good to see you’re adding some expository elements to yours :wink:


Your entry is pretty solid.
adding stuff will only make it better .

good luck


Software: Digital Fusion,Maya,mental ray

First of all thank you for commenting on my entry. Sorry I haven’t visited yours but i am still finishing stuff for my reel and its really time consuming as i am sure you know.

digikris: I was creating the ship for the stylistic purposes of the angles it will be viewed from, so proportions where not the most significant factor of consideration. If sizes still bother you in this video, i can change them (schedule permiting).

Tyson, Grzegorz: I am really glad you like it…

I really hope you like how the space scene turned out… I was thinking of putting it in front of the monkey scene in the edit. What do you think?

If you have the time, could you also check my new reel at www.geovfx.com and tell me what you think?

C&C welcome as always…

Thanks everyone in advance,

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All right ! Do it !


Software: Maya,mental ray

This is my final entry… I am applying for jobs right now so if there are any kinks in there, i unfortunatelly dont have any more time to work on this before the end of the challenge…

Have fun,

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Great job! I didn’t see any technical errors, and it looked great from an artistic perspective…best of luck!


Thank you for your input Tyson… I am really glad you liked it…


I love it. The tracking on the ape-dude is amazing. Esspecially when he is drinking the beer.

I also like the design of the ship. Very ‘jules verne’. :wink:


Yassoo, George. Congratulations on completing your video entry, it is pretty awesome. It is somehow reminiscent of Harrison Ford and Chewbaka. I love it, although I do wish that you had put gloves on the uplifted chimp rather than leave him with human hands. Showing him with human hands makes it look a little like a man in a monkey mask. Anyway, this is very well done and I wish you the best of luck with the judging… and with finding that job. :applause:


Thanks for your comments Christopher and Paul… I am really glad you liked how it turned out…

Paul: The hands were actually a choice to make it look funnier and it was the in the initial idea to have him just be a dude with a monkeyhead… I hope this doesn’t ruin it for you…:beer:


Hey George, simply amazing!! Like a lot the concept. Great animation for the ship and really great work with the ape. Congratulations for this superb video :smiley: Cheers!! :beer:


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