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Hey everyone… This challenge is really interesting so i decided to participate… Good luck to everyone participating…

My idea is to concentrate on alien relationships rather than the book since i want to have some specific pieces of live action integration for my demoreel (currently being created)…

Its gonna be about scenes from the everyday life of interspecies relations… The first part will be a human and a chimphead having a beer at a bar…

Two actors will be shot in front of a greenscreen and composited over a cg background… one of the actors head will be replaced with a cg monkey head…

Hope you like the initial idea…

Have fun,


Hey George, glad to see you in this challenge my friend ! :slight_smile: LIked your initial concept, the bar scene sounds really interesting and cant wait to see your first updates !! Cheers my friend!! :beer:


First of all, thanks a lot for the for the welcome Fernando…

Here is the monkey head i have so far… I am only modeling the head for him… I like how its turning out… most of the head will be covered in hair so i wont add any more detail except from some displacement mapping on the front of the face…

Hope you like it,
Have fun,


no time to type lots of stuff… texture and initial hair test update…

have fun…

c&c welcome as always


[left] [/left]
[left]Good textures. Need to work a little more on the hair effect… you could try making it a little more thinner. But nice anyway [/left]
[right]my Uplift Universe[/right]


This is the greenscreen setup i used for this shot… I want to thank nick (right) and drew (left) for staring in it… They were just great… There was too much noise in the footage so i decided to loose some of the hair detail but have more hair consistency…

Drew’s head will be replaced with the monkeyhead…

Hope you like it,


What are you using to key them out? Look forward to seeing where this one goes.


changed the hair (i am really happy with the way it looks) and added lights for the scene… also made the blendshapes i need so far…

hope you like it too…



liviuberechet: Thank you for your comment man… changed the hair… hope you like them now…

Remi: I am using fusion’s ultrakeyer… It does a good job most of the time but the noise is too much right now to get a clear, consistent, matte of the hair… So i balanced it out with a matte control to keep some of the detail but loose the noise…

Once again, thanks for your comments guys…


Looks better!
About the keying… try using a “color spill”. The table and the hair has some green color spilling on them.

Try using combustion just for the keying… it does a beautiful job!!! then export it to what you need.

Good luck!

[right]my Uplift Universe[/right]


Put some contrast points on a screen or somewhere else for easy motion capture.
Keep on, very interesting project !!!


Because i dont want to draw any attention way from the main characters i decided to go simple on the bg and kind of monochrome with very small hue shifts…

hope you like it… will post an update with the characters and the bg in place shortly…

Have fun,


Liviu: will do in the compositing stage… glad you like the new hair…

Dmitry: thanks for your comments and suggestion man…


I like the green screen things… looks so cool!:scream:


This has been a week of hell… matchmoving and making sure the hair didn’t go wacky through the sequence…

This is the finished version of my submission so far in lowres and compressed for now (for bandwidth reasons)…

video link

BTW, how do i upload videos for this challenge?

Hope you like it. If i have time i will make more shots for it.


Comments and critique are always welcome


All the elements work really good. :slight_smile:



Looks great, did you plan on doing anything with the hands as well. I think that would help too. Good work, look forward to more.


hahahaha icedeyes… you made it…
simply it´s one best work


Great! Simple and effective… Reminds me of the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It could have some more live elements, though…