Uplift Universe - Video Entry: George Kim


George Kim is entered in the “Uplift Universe Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Work In Progress: Scene Render Text


The design of the alien isn’t definite yet.


The alien might end up looking like a humped tyranosaurus with wings. Suggestions are welcomed.


I like the idea of aliens kidnapping people, only to really be rescuing them. :slight_smile:

Perhaps you could do something like a mix between a bat and a wasp…I’ve always loved how wasps appear to ‘hang’ from their wings…and bats are just cool. :wink:


Great idea. I did think about make it like a bat’s wing but didn’t think of making it like a wasp. Good suggestion! Appreciate it.


Hmm… Looks more like a dinosauros than an intelligent extra-terrestial being. Critique & suggestions welcomed.


Its teeth must be that of a herbivore.


decided adjust the storyboard a liittle bit and to create an another alien that controls that huge “dinasaurus.” It’ll look like it controls the big one inside it in a fetal position and later come out to talk to “Sam” the rescued human.


Actually this model of mine was used as the basis for the female alien. Suggestions or critique welcomed.


Female alien’s texture’s not definite yet.


Female alien’s texture’s not definite yet.


Though not in the story boadr, decided to add an initial shot of approaching meteorites… Time’s running out and my computer broke down for a whole week. …


Testing charactor render, using the lastest version of Blender.


nice skin shader…
as well as this is Blender, I appriciate your job! keep it up!


Thanks, Mirak3d. I’ve been really busy with my full-time job. I’ll do my best to finish this project.


More touchup with the hairs …


A meteorite hitting a building. Meteorite shower scene coming later…


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