Uplift Universe - Video Entry: Alican Serbest


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Latest Update: Work In Progress: Candy Creatures


Okay here is our storyboard. I can’t draw, that’s for sure. But anyway, I hope this one will tell what kind of thing we’re going for.


And here is the shuttle modeled by me and textured by darqangel. We will work on it’s texures a little more actually. Crits and comments are welcome.


Hi again,

Well, wartoon suggested to change the shop to a street vendor and then some ideas shot out. In the end, we’ve changed the idea a little bit. I’ve got the vendor vehicle without it’s candy source creature. And I will update the storyboard later with the new idea, too (Actually I am thinking of making a pre-viz instead of storyboard since it’s easier for me).

PS: Tires have their inside empty because there will be a force-field kind of effect. Or not. Still thinking about it.


clever story. nice and short. I like the antigrav idea with the wheels… could be cool seeing the axle drift up and down a bit within the wheel.


Thanks moljnir. It’s good to hear about the antigrav idea. We may still use that one then :slight_smile:


Here are the candy-producing pet aliens. Some more texture and sculpting work will be done but generally this is the idea.


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