Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Tiziano Baracchi





Hey Tiziano, really cool work! Great enviroment on your image with a great lighting mood! I really like that “mysterious” atmosphere feeling! Congrats on your finale!! And now is time for some ( or much :smiley: ) cold beers!! Cheers mate!! :beer:


Good work :thumbsup:
The concept’s great, the composition’s great but what I like most is your texture work it’s brilliant.
good luck I think this could be a winner


Thank you Nevs! And now I want to see your entry finished :arteest:

Merci bien, Eric! And yours too, m’sieur. :wink:

Thank you, Arias! Anymore of your great concepts coming?
Beer is exactly what I need now, Fernando. :beer: , maybe with some nice music from your alien-human band in the background?

Thank you, Kieran. I don’t really hope in a placement, but it would be a wonderful surprise…:wink:


As a finishing touch, a few details (about 30-40 % of the working size, depending on which detail).

Ladies first :wink:

The humans are definitely caught in between.

I heard something…


Stunning work in every detail :thumbsup:


OMG.:bounce: So delicately !Awesome work.


I think you’re close to finish now. :slight_smile: By the way, are your still using your hot (or “average” as you call her) wife as reference?


Just amazing. You’ve produced an image as beautiful as it is intriguing. Your use of dramatic light and shadows reminds me of the best of cinematographic lighting. This is a really strong entry in this challenge and I wish you all the best of luck in the judging


Kerem, Arias thank you so much! lots of detail got lost posting the bigger image, I thought it could be good to show some of them :slight_smile:

Martin, lol! My wife has been the critic audience (she is quite nitpicking and, most often than not, also right ) and the photographer (I posed for the two maquis, although I must say that I look nothing like either of them :wink: ).

David, I think this is the highest praise I’ve ever received :blush:… A whole lot of the merit goes to the wonderful people who have followed my progress with suggestions, constructive criticism, encouragments and strong specific advice.

I don’t know how this challenge will go, and one always harbors some hope in a competition, but the highest reason for me to take part in a Challenge (and take part I will every time, barring disasters), is the community: the great people I met, starting from the very beginning when I was a total newbie both to digital and to CGSociety, who freely and helpfully shared and keep sharing their knowledge and experience.

Thank you to all that crossed my Challenge path!


Wonderful tension, wonderful drawing, wonderful light - OK - it’s justwonderful, Tiziano.


… and wonderful praise ! Thank You Nick ! :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting bigger “hotspots” of the scene ! As always your detailing is great. Really, it could be a movie shot, I can almost hear the heavy breath of the humans…

BTW, what is the actual size of the image ?


Thank YOU, Arianna ! The original image size is 5200 X 2955 pixels, 300 DPI.


nice image and nice textures. Good luck with your entry Tiz. Adding atmosphere really gave this image more drama to it. later.


Congratulations Tiziano! it’s really a masterpiece :slight_smile:


I can see a lot of work and passion has gone into this image, great detail and lighting!

Well done Tiziano!


beelow, lauranonce, headtrip, thank you very much ! :love:


nice color layout.beautiful work:)
and thank you posting my thread;)


Tank You very much, notec ! :wavey: