Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Tiziano Baracchi


I vote A. Second one just seems too posed. It does not seem like she is in action. She looks like she is in heels. First one feels more natural.


Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. :slight_smile:

Here we go again: I’m trying to strike a balance between dynamism and a natural pose. I changed slightly the position in B, any better?


hey bro! :stuck_out_tongue: looking awesome as ever:p … me vote for ‘A’ :bounce:


In both cases, I wonder how ‘A’ can’t see teh guy standing only barely concealed by the columns. ‘B’ is facing away and clearly can’t see him, lending more to the feeling of ambush. So I think ‘B’ works better for your story.


Hi Tiziano, looks like I come in late! -A- looks like the green Zeron already spotted the man poorly hidden behind the pillar (They do that in the movies all the time! :smiley: ). -B- works better. However, the male Zeron in both version looks like he already saw them both all along and is not reacting to it. As beelow has mentioned, the female in -A- has a more natural pose, so you can try to apply that to -B-.

Overall, the colour palette really fits the espionage mood and the setting is perfectly fitted. I am waiting to see you flesh out the 2 guys more. Keep up the great work and all the best!


I vote for “B” or something similiar, i concord with Walrus: she works better for your story. And the white one could have been just warned telepatically by the red one or something like that, or simply have been hearing a suspect noise.


I vote for A. The tension into the scene is more dense. Great image!:slight_smile:


I think B is the best of them. But in both cases it looks like they are already spotted.


Hi for me there’s more a circulation in the faces in the B .


Thank you all for taking part in my little poll.

On the ‘revised’ one we have 2 votes for A and 5 for B (or similar), I think I’ll follow the consensus and go with that one, maybe changing her a little bit (although she already looks more natural to me with only the right arm visible).

About the white one, yes, my idea was that either he was a ‘knowing’ bait and the whole setup is a trap or he has noticed/heard something and is about to react, I’m glad that his pose reads right (of course I had to complicate things for myself doing away with face expressions…).

If everything goes as planned , I’ll have an update by Sunday night with at least one of the maquis at the same level of polish of the Zeron (maybe both).

Warms up his wacom singing softly to himself: ’ I’m just a slave, working, slaaaving away…


Hey Tiziano, a bit late for voting… hahahahaha :smiley: Ok, my vote is for “B” :smiley: Think B work really great on your image story and atmosphere :slight_smile: Cheers friend ! :beer:


Thank You, Ferx ! Today I’ll post an update with the “advanced color pass” of the standing human. Stay tuned !


Fixed the green alien, and here is a more refined version of the first of the two “poor humans”.


Almost forgot: I’ve also added a little device on the red alien right forearm :wink: .


Wow the human looks incredible. Your detailing is fantastic. Changing the green chick definately helped. I know it’s a little late but I like her pose in A. She has that look like what the hells going on over there, or an alarmed suspicious look.I agee with some of the other critiques as in, you might want to slide the humans to the left a bit so their more concealed. Finish it up quick so you can help me with mine.LOl Excellent work.



i totally agree! :stuck_out_tongue: very realistic indeed bro! … he’s really got that assasin look thingy goin on :wink:


And now the second maquis has been worked on too, the standing one has been moved a bit more to the left, as suggested by Sasquatch70 (thank you!)

Unless more correction are needed, all that is left is the final refining…


Thank you Brad and Neville! Advice followed and update posted. :wink:


Yes, option “B” worked perfectly in my opinion and now that even the two humans are finished the composition is well balanced.

More refining you said ? What refining, the piece is gorgeous as it is and looks finished to me !


Thanks, Arianna ! I’m happy to hear that composition is working: it’s a very important point.

Some more refinement is needed but I’ll try not too overdo it, promise ! :wink: