Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Tiziano Baracchi


Well, Mark & Eric, THANKS ! I’d like to be a bit more articulate, but such straightforward praise has left me speechless, I just hope the finished piece will be up to your expectations.


Hey Tiziano, you’ve made a lot of amazing progress since I last stopped in. And I see that this is only the halfway mark, I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us. Great work man!

Matt :slight_smile:


actually i didn’t think so, we both homed in on the same area…try one or the other…but admit that neville’s idea might be the answer.



Wow! Fantastic work. I love the shapeshifting concept.The only thing that sticks out to me is the green alien chicks pose. It seems too posed, almost unatural compared to the rest of the characters. SHe seems like she’s posing for the camera, or a photo shoot. That’s my two cents worth. Fantastic job.



Hi Tiziano,

I knew I will find you here :)!

Like very much your concept, specially the shape shifting. The foreground that is in the process of changing the shape is amazing!
I like the way you use colours: cool blues and greens on the background and worm colors on the foreground. It gives the image depth and dimension.
Another thing I like that you have placed humans between aliens… Like in the trap…
And like very much the details on the pillars, specially the one on the right side foreground!

Well, no less expected from you, Tiziano :scream:.

Good luck, my friend!


LightSovereign: actually i didn’t think so, we both homed in on the same area…

Sorry if my answer was unclear, Marley! I’ll definitely work on that area, it was the ‘lower contrast/add color’ that I was referring to as (somewhat) conflicting advice, anyway, I’m sure to do something there before the next update. :slight_smile:

: ciao! And thank you. :), I see your point with the green girl, will try and come out with something more natural for her.
musi Thank you my friend, always happy to see you!:love:I’m really, really glad that you like my attempt this much, hope I won’t blunder at this stage… you’re welcome to keep me in line, just in case :wink:


Hi, Tiziano, this is looking great! THe woman in teh foreground totally reads as a shape-shifter, so that part’s working well. I was going to comment on the pose of the female Zeron, but Sasqutch just got there first. :slight_smile: The only other crit I can think of is that it might be nice, when you get around to refining the humans, to give them more “science-fictiony” looking guns. But great rendering so far on everything you’ve touched - the front shape-shifter and the columns especially. Keep on going with it!



Hey Thaldir. :slight_smile: Your style is easy to spot. Superb work like always. Rock on :bowdown:


Hey Tiziano, I only can say… awesome!! :slight_smile: Really great image. Love the misterious feeling and atmosphere in your scene. You have a great touch to move te viewer imagination, that is really cool my friend, and this illustartion is not the exception :smiley: Great work!! Cheers!! :beer:


Ma che bello! :thumbsup:
Continua così!


walrus: thank you, Mike, will do! :slight_smile:

MartinNielsen :blush: thanks! (works even harder)

Ferx thank you! Great to see you around, Ferx, thanks for the warm words. :slight_smile:

Neo-x: grazie, Manuel! Bello vedere dei compatrioti su CG Society. :slight_smile:


Outstanding job on the red alien “morph” ! One of the most original concepts I’ve seen here, Tiziano.

The lights are wonderful too !

The pose of the green alien, as it is, is good and dynamic, but… yes the feeling she is traing to look cool on porpouse is there. Maybe less dynamic and more natural ?

Keep it up, I’m watching you ! (as always).


Amazing work :drool:


nice to see you here my friend!
great concept and it’s seems always a good and interesting story in your works!
sorry for have no time to join this challenge with you this time, ha…
and wish you all the best!




Arianna, I’ve been missing you. :love: Thank you so much for the wonderful words.
Yes, the green Zeron will be re-worked in a different pose, stay tuned! :slight_smile:

Sycar, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Alon, my friend, thank you so much for your kind words and well wishes! I am sorry that you are not competing this time, but being too busy is a positive reason for not being in. :slight_smile:

I hope we all will see what you are busy with. :slight_smile:


Working on the green Zeron I came up with a couple of possibilities.

I’d love opinions on this: A, B or I’m totally off? :slight_smile:


A is looking into the right direction. B is more dynamic. I think.


I vote for B


I think B gives the image as a whole more variety in poses


option B its more balanced, it adds depth in the composition…