Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Tiziano Baracchi


Still working on the red zeron and her transformation…


awesome colour work Tiz! :love: the crimson tone really works well here!
i wonder if she’ll be sporting a metallic sheen?? :stuck_out_tongue: really curious to see the next steps! :eek:
rock on bro! :beer:


Hi, Thaldir. You seem to be on your way with this illustration. I was wondering about the point of view in your composition. Maybe it could be interesting to put the eye (or the camera as you wish :slight_smile: ) just behind your main character, that could strenghten the impact of the picture. That could focus the line force of the perspective directly in the action. By this way the “main focus point” of your picture could be the same one for your characters and…for us :slight_smile: (I don’t know if I’m clear enough with my poor english)


Okay here are my thoughts. I think this wonderfully painted as always. Composition is not bad. I think the Alien girl could have a weapon of some sort in her hand maybe and it she could be holding it up, like she is ready to merc someone. Those 2 shiny metal people, in my opinion is not interesting. I think you could add more to the story by having someone there of high importance walking away or walking towards us. Try to design this person in a way that he/she/it stands out. Maybe some guards to surround the character as well. Anything that can give these characters some love juice. I love the realism though pillars floor and background are painted nicely. Later dude. Hope anything I’ve said helps. :thumbsup:


Always liked your avatar and I like the girl’s design now, it must be great to be able to use the characters you have worked on and know well for the challenge!!
I think it’s good that not much of her face is visble now, but maybe you could make the part covering that area a bit more transparent, fading, like the in ‘ear circle’, so you could get just a hint of her eye to show the human side of the transformation still there.

Great work so far, you’re really ahead with it!:cool:


Hey, Nevs, thank you, bro!
Not quite a metallic sheen, rather more like coleopter’s sheen, those scales are hard but organic. Working, working…

Luter, thank you! :slight_smile: I’m not really sure if I got what you meant (I’m not an English native speaker, either), but to change the whole point of view at this point would meant to restart from scratch, and given that I’m working a day-job and free-lancing in addition to doing the challenge it’s something I’ve no way of doing this time. Will try to pay special attention to the focus though.

beelow, thanks for coming! :slight_smile:
You are perfectly right on the secondary Zeron characters, at the moments those are there more or less as placeholders (and color checks), I hadn’t thought about having one of them as a big dignitary, that’s a great idea! I’ll definitely use it, thank you so much!

SteevieWoo, Thanks, Steevie! Glad you like the Zeron, they’ve been keeping me company for a long while and this Challenge was perfect to define them properly, at long last. I’ll certainly try out your suggestion, it’s very important to have the transformation working right, and I’m in no hurry. :slight_smile:


Hi, Tiziano! Just stopping by to subscribe to your thread. The only thing I would have critiqued you on if I’d gotten here sooner is that I wish there was a little more breathing room around the edges of the canvas - especially at the top… It works as it is now, but I would have liked to see you play with it a little bit more to see if adding more space looked better. Anyway, enjoying your progress so far!


Thanks, Nyrak ! It’s good to see another “Portrait Adoption” member around here :wavey: .

Well, in the beginning (pencil, very rough sketch phase) I’ve played with the canvas size a lot for a long day of indecision between portrait and landscape, next between aspect ratios ending up (again) with a “wide screen” type one. Maybe I should have posted here that phase too. :blush:
Ok, next time, lady !


The transformation is coming out nicely, good job!
Given the scene I see now, I think the canvas proportions are just good as they are: more space aroud could be distracting and move the attention of the observer away.

I concord with Beelow about the far group of aliens: a hint of some kind of action such as “patrolling the area” or “have you herd something ?” shoud improve the mood of the scene.

No weapon such a gun to the red one tough… too conventional. Maybe some sort of “natural” attack form like energy or lighting. Just my two cents.

Keep it up !


Thanks, Arianna!
Yes, something more intense is definitely needed for the far alien group, I’ll work on it.
I also agree with you that a ‘simil-gun’ weapon would be an anti-climax on her, will see if I can come out with something in character.:love:



I really love your entry, the style is amazing and the color and texture feeling is really great!

Good luck!


Thanks, SuperXCM ! Next update this weekend for sure :arteest: !


At last after juggling a bit of work I’m back on this one.

Some progress made on the red Zeron’s shapeshifting, next in line are the other characters…


And here is the full scene. As suggested by Beelow and Badoero there are some ‘new’ Zeron (a bit more reactive ones) instead of the ‘old’ placeholders.



hey bro!! :stuck_out_tongue: :bounce: man! this has come a long way! :eek: if i’m not mistaken … the two characters at the far end, right, they’re in your portfolio as well … alien triad :smiley:
very creative indeed! love it! :love:


it just clicked in my head … maybe you can add more colour on the right side? in order to balance the image that way? …


Its all looking very swell, each individual element is rendered superbly. especially casting my eye onto the pillars…But my eye doesn’t rest comfortably at the moment…just a bit too much fighting going on and its all the lighting…there is more importance to the rear characters than the mischievous humans…(realizing they are unfinished)…Id lighten the contrast of those rear characters a tad.

In any case very nice progress.



Uhuh…conflicting advice…

Thanks for the comments Neville and Marley, tell you what? I’ll bring the two humans to the same level of the Zeron (yes, Nevs, same species than those in Alien Triad) keeping in mind the color /contrast quandary and then it will be time to ponder on balance adjustments and other tweaks, it will probably be easier then, with all the characters at the same level of polish. :slight_smile:


Wow. I can’t recommend anything. I love it. The texturing visible in the high-res version is wonderful


The left part is already a beautiful piece ? I think you found something there . It’s almost finished .Really interesting Tiziano .Your style is getting better and better .