Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Tiziano Baracchi


SFedor, thank you for the comment and the suggestions. :slight_smile:
I’m working on colors right now, I think I’ll wait until the whole colors are there to decide about ‘focus’ adjustments (for instance, the girl’s red is likely to be stronger, and as such to change things a bit).

I’ve kept each character on a separate layer for now, so adjustments won’t be a problem, even though done a bit later.

Mark, thank you my friend, it’s always a pleasure to see you here. :love:


Since I’m really scared of messing up what good there was in the sketch, I’m going to post quite a lot of steps for the color passes, I think…

Here is the latest porogress, I’ve warmed a bit the light on the right-side pillar as per suggestions and I’ve worked on the far /middle background (up to the central pillar), defining and refining the shapes and the architectural elements.

Next will be the foreground, last the characters…


ciao tiziano,
I like the situation you propose in this work.
It inspire diffidence cause no one look the same target :slight_smile:
good challenge…


Grazie, Salvo ! It is good to have another Italian on my tread !

In effetti, penso che una razza aliena mutaforma sia perfetta per un atmosfera da “non fidarti di nulla perchè nulla è come sembra…”.


Some more work done, took me most of the evening to paint the central pillar but I’m rather happy with it…


and a detail


ever more relaistic, thaldir!~ just noticed the cloaked figures out the back there, they really add to the ambience especially!.

Sound progression!



Very nice developement indeed ! :slight_smile:

It is tense and dramatic ! What are the true intentions of the aliens ? What will happen to the poor humans ?

I am also very curious about the “lady” transformation and the way you wil rappresent it :bounce:


Oh wow, that is amazing. I love the sheen on it. This is probably a really noob question but how do you get it so smooth (without the brushmarks), do you smudge it, or use smaller brushes, or something else?


Marley, thank you! I’m trying to pay special attention to the ambience (together with composition), I’m really happy to know you like it.

Arianna, thank you! Yes, I tried to capture a sort of mid-point in the story, to have the viewers wonder and, possibly, make up their own developments.
The Zeron lady will be the last to be refined, hope you’ll like my take on the transformation.

Bronwen, thanks! Well, on a different layer in screen mode I painted the the shiny parts with a soft brush using the pillar’s lighter color, then I applied a slight gaussian blur and adjusted the opacity. That’s it. :slight_smile:


I agree with badoero. Tense and dramatic. This image really inspires the imagination. You’re going brilliantly


Thanks, Mark ! Another update is coming, soon !


Here it is.

Now on with the characters


I’ve started working on the characters. Here is a more advanced (but still in need of refining of course) color pass on the red alien during her transition from human to zeron form.


This is coming along great. The detail is excellent, especially the stone pillars :thumbsup:


looking good … looking forward for the next update … keep it up :thumbsup:


Just amazing. It just keeps getting better and better. The stone work texturing is superb. In fact all of your texturing is superb. I’m really enjoying the progress of this image


Simon, thanks! Glad you approuve, thanks for the suggestion about the light.:slight_smile:

thank you! :slight_smile: Working on her right now, that transformation isn’t easy to pull off…

Mark :blush:, thank you! I’ve been focusing on textures recently, I’m really happy it shows. Hope you’ll enjoy it till the end. :slight_smile:


liking the character design. scenes really coming together too! sweet.


Thanks, Neubius ! :slight_smile: